How Does the Herbalife Business Opportunity Work?
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How Herbalife Nutrition Works

Entrepreneurial Distributors

Business Opportunity

Through the direct selling model, our distributors are providing good nutrition products and support to their customers while earning an income. This entrepreneurial opportunity is grounded in solid business skills and responsible business practices for people who are interested in being their own boss and working either full or part time.

Educated and Trained Entrepreneurs

We are constantly expanding the methods we use to engage and train our distributors, from online webinars to in-person conferences and seminars, so they can better build their skills and translate their expertise into opportunities.

Through their Herbalife Nutrition business, Jay and Meera are helping people, making a positive impact in their community, and giving back to those in need.

Our distributors buy products at a discount and sell them at a profit. Through hard work and commitment, they gain experience to build and coach their own sales teams, earning a commission on every transaction.

Our distributors act as coaches, providing support, knowledge, and accountability to their fellow entrepreneurs.

Herbalife Nutrition provides the Gold Standard in consumer protection by offering a 100% full refund guarantee.

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