When people turn their passion into a business opportunity, amazing things can happen. Insights indicate those who have a passion for the work they do are much more likely to develop their full potential. This personal development combined with commitment, skill, and hard work can be applied to operating a small business.

For Herbalife Nutrition independent business owners, their passion is helping others through good nutrition. How they turn this passion into a business varies: some distributors are part-time to earn extra income around their full-time schedule, some are full-time solo or as a team, and others sell products from their local small business, or from their mobile devices.

The flexibility of the direct selling model allows individuals to determine what works best for them when building a business of their own.

Here are some of their stories that exemplify diverse approaches to direct selling.

Turning Passion into Business

Elian and Octavio had always been passionate about nutrition, fitness, and being a positive influence on others. With their current business, they can do what they love while setting their own schedules and raising a family.

Through social media and group chats, Elian and Octavio are able to educate, motivate, and inspire others, discussing meal plans and sharing their customers’ achievements and results. Through the business and their customers, they have experienced firsthand how good nutrition, regular exercise, and a supportive community can change people’s lives.

While Elian and Octavio choose to operate their business full-time, some entrepreneurs incorporate Herbalife Nutrition into their current small business.

Incorporating One Small Business into Another

Satu and Roynet are professional dancers who teach lessons at their studio in Tampere, Finland. While they are helping their clients stay active through dance, they’re also educating them about the importance of nutrition.

The flexibility of the Herbalife Nutrition model allows our entrepreneurs to work from places and at times convenient for them. Satu and Roynet meet with clients after their lessons and also utilize social media to organize online challenges. This allows them to reach more people beyond those who come in for dance lessons.

Still, there are many others who choose to pursue building a small business of their own. And each has their own motivating factors and goals they are working towards.

Managing Your Business from Anywhere

Like many millennials and Gen Z young adults, Kellie spends a lot of time on her phone. She conducts her business mainly through social media because it allows her to establish connections based on similar interests and stay connected with people who are looking to lead a healthier life.

Whether it’s sharing weekly meal plans on Instagram or talking about weight-loss journeys on Facebook Messenger, independent distributors can connect with their customers on social media from anywhere. The relationships they support on a daily basis are a huge part of building and maintaining a successful business.

The Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity allows distributors the flexibility to work from home – or from anywhere they want – and around their schedule. Through social media and technology, they are empowered to build relationships online and offline as they grow their business.

Giving Back and Mentoring Others

Challenging circumstances don’t have to determine who you are, or the path your life takes. In fact, overcoming obstacles can lead to positive outcomes. Eight years ago, Style was waiting tables and struggling to find a meaningful way to give back not only to his family but to his community.

He found his way through his passion – nutrition and fitness – and embarked on a journey of helping others. Today, he is not only building a thriving business; he’s mentoring others on how to become entrepreneurs and to create the time freedom they longed for in their professional lives.

Since 1980, our commitment to helping others achieve their goals – whether that’s a healthy, active lifestyle or being an entrepreneur – is at the heart of everything we do. We’re changing people’s lives through good nutrition and an economic opportunity, and we’re just getting started.

*Atypical achievements shown came from hard work, skill and dedication. Most people work part-time and typically earn $190 in a month in their 1st year, before expenses. For more, see Herbalife.com/SAGC.