Before I had kids, I said, “When I have kids, I want to be a stay-at-home mom.” Being in the Herbalife Nutrition business gives me the opportunity to manage my time and freedom to be there for my family.

I first joined Karla’s fitness and nutrition club as a customer. I liked how Karla helps design nutritional programs for people to achieve goals around our current lifestyles, using training and material provided by Herbalife Nutrition experts.

Being able to help somebody with weight management, gain muscle, or overall feel better about themselves and being confident– I knew this is what I was meant to do, so I signed up as a  Herbalife Nutrition Independent distributor.

This allowed me to supplement my husband’s income* while still working the business from home part-time. I do the business from anywhere where I’m at: I do it from the field, from my husband’s grandma’s house while I’m taking care of her, or simply from my living room.

The extra income* has helped my husband cut back on his hectic work schedule. It even allowed me to send my kids to field trips across the country and pay for their extracurricular activities. I’m able to cover my kid’s sports and their music events at school.

I’m still a full-time mom and I’m there during all their practices. I don’t have to miss any of their games. My favorite part of doing this business is that I’m able to be a present mom.

Full Time Mom with her kids

*Income depicted is unique to the individual and is not typical. Achievements require skill & consistent work. For typical earnings, see Statement of Average Gross Compensation at