Some endeavors are as exciting as they are daunting. Starting a business of your own fits that description, since it requires passion and innovative thinking, but developing a solid business plan often requires market knowledge and experience.

How is one person supposed to navigate the challenges, emotions, and learning curves that starting a new business entails? Well, they don’t have to do it on their own. According to a study conducted by Endeavor – a nonprofit that supports entrepreneurs around  the world ­– people who have been mentored by a successful entrepreneur are three times more likely to become top performers themselves.

An experienced business mentor can provide the wisdom and expert knowledge to inspire entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of starting and managing their own business.

That is what Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors offer to anyone who uses our nutrition products, has experienced results, and is now interested in doing the business themselves. Our distributors act as coaches, providing support, knowledge, and accountability to their fellow entrepreneurs.

Friendships That Evolve Into Mentorships

New business owners may be too proud or too fearful to ask for help. It’s understandable: they are embarking on an adventure that will likely include many challenges along the way so there may be some hesitation with sharing their journey with a stranger.

However, distributors are anything but strangers to their customers who now want to become distributors themselves. They have already built a relationship based on trust, accountability, and encouragement, and that is the foundation for helping their customer build a business of their own.

Successful distributors who have achieved results often want to share the same results with others, not just when it comes to their own personal transformation regarding weight loss or wellness – but also in terms of earning income and fulfilling their goals.

Distributors as business mentors provide support and motivation, while also coaching new distributors on business skills that can have a direct, positive impact on their new endeavor, as well as on their life skills and personal development.

Tailored Business Coaching

“Can’t I get business guidance from online publications or books?” someone might ask. Though those sources can provide valuable ideas and information, it may be generic advice and will only go so far.

Distributors working as business mentors pick up where those resources leave off. Since they personally know the new distributor, they are prepared to offer personalized guidance based on the entrepreneur’s particular needs, skills, strengths, and goals.

Here are some other ways in which distributors help others thrive doing the Herbalife Nutrition business:

Experienced distributors can share their struggles and victories.

Starting a small business is not easy. So, learning from someone else’s challenges and how they overcame those obstacles is priceless. An experienced distributor can share lessons from their own experience.

Experienced distributors provide guidance.

One of the main challenges of becoming an entrepreneur is that there is no boss to provide direction, no one to hold you accountable. However, a distributor can help a new entrepreneur to feel that he or she is not flying solo by providing sound advice, or a second opinion. This support is critical.

Experienced distributors instill in others valuable, life-long skills.

Herbalife Nutrition is a business built on relationships so it helps to have interpersonal skills such as better communication, active listening, and knowing how to meaningfully connect with someone.

While books on marketing and business strategy may help, nothing beats practice and experience, and these lessons are powerful when taught by an experienced coach, friend, and mentor.

The best thing about these mentorship relationships is that they can work in both directions: distributors who mentor continue to sharpen their own business skills while building their teams, and the new entrepreneur benefits from their support as they begin their own journey to business ownership.

John DeSimone

John DeSimoneChief Strategic Officer

In his role as Chief Strategic Officer, John DeSimone is responsible for leading certain key strategic initiatives to help drive growth of Herbalife Nutrition’s global business.