The relationship between a son and his father is beautiful but complex. On the one hand, you grow up admiring him and his triumphs. On the other one, you are compelled to forge your own path and achieve greater things than your old man. I’ve been fortunate enough to succeed in doing so, but it could not have been possible without the inspiration my dad provided for me.

I am a second-generation Herbalife Nutrition independent distributor, following in my parents’ footsteps. I grew up drinking the shakes and loving the products, but I never thought about building an Herbalife Nutrition business myself. However, my dad raised me with an entrepreneurial mindset and championship attitude, encouraging me to one day have my own business.

I have always been the enthusiastic and encouraging type, so I began cheerleading in high school and cheered all through college. Doing so gave me some useful skills that would come in handy later in life, such as learning how to confidently get up in front of a crowd, leading groups, and getting people to work together.

After I got my degree in marketing, I set up a cheerleading gym in my community. I wanted to share my experience and passion with a new generation. I taught hundreds of kids from different schools and led them to all-star competitions around the country. I was successful and fulfilled, but my job really didn’t start until 3 or 4 pm so I felt restless, like I was wasting the first half of my day. When I told my dad I intended to make some supplemental income he insisted that an Herbalife Nutrition business was a natural choice for me based on my background and upbringing.

I took his advice and was inspired by hearing so many of the success stories from business owners who were working from home, within their communities; just whatever suited them!

I decided to take on the challenge in 2008. Using the full potential of the skills I learned from my dad and my years of cheerleading, I became a coach for my customers and committed myself to make a difference in their lives and providing a community to encourage them at every step of the way.

Then, just as my business was continuing to reach new heights, my dad died in November 2014. Rather than allowing my pain to overtake my success, his passing motivated me to work even harder to honor his legacy.

Throughout this journey, I’ve built lasting relationships with my customers and team, some of which go back almost 10 years. I follow up with them daily, and we bring the community together through weight loss challenges, cardio drumming, fit camps, walking clubs, running clubs… you name it, we have it. We want to have an option for everybody.

Herbalife Nutrition has been in my family for 25 years, and I can’t imagine myself on any other journey now. The most rewarding thing, though, is how much I’ve grown as a person. This is not just about growing a successful, sustainable business but about becoming a leader and rising to the challenges through personal development. So to anyone who is looking into entrepreneurship, I would say this: be consistent. It takes time and dedication to build a successful business. I have created a lifestyle that allows me to pursue my purpose, which is to impact as many people as I can – to shine so bright that I give other people light. There’s more to life than just doing the rat race, there’s an opportunity to get ahead, be fulfilled, and improve lives along the way.

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