Advancements in technology have impacted how we interact with each other and certainly our way of life including at home, in school, and certainly in small business. From how we consume information to the speed at which we’re able to find answers to our questions online – technology has enabled us to stay connected. But the need for human connection and the importance of trusting personal connections are also essential to small businesses.

Consumers buy from those they trust. Many of us rely on recommendations from friends and family, customer reviews, and even endorsements by influencers. There’s a social element in the buyer’s journey – and more so when that purchasing decision affects our health and wellness.

Nutrition is complex and personal – and not a journey you’d want to venture on your own. The Internet can be an infinite maze of information, making it difficult to find the right products to help you achieve your desired results.

This is why a personalized experience and approach to nutrition brings a lot of value: a knowledgeable coach who understands your unique goals and circumstances can guide you through a comprehensive wellness plan, which involves both good nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Direct Sales and Nutrition: A Powerful Match That Transforms Lives

Many people struggle to keep up with a diet program, an exercise plan, or product regimen. Good habits are tough to establish.  Genuine social support can make a huge difference when trying to lead a healthier life. Having a trusted and trained coach by your side that will personalize your experience can provide that daily motivation, accountability, and guidance you need to achieve your next milestone.

That is why our wide range of nutrition products are available exclusively through our independent distributors – small business owners committed to helping their customers and communities live healthier, more active lives.

We believe in the added value they bring to their customers: the one-on-one, high-touch relationship that involves constant support and motivation. These benefits are rooted in our direct selling model, which is founded on a personal, authentic connection.

In-house experts and advisors at Herbalife Nutrition act as trusted resources in many areas, including weight management, healthy eating, sports nutrition, health and wellness, and fitness. They create expert content and training materials to support our distributors and their customers in making educated choices in their daily lives.  These resources help our entrepreneurs empower their customers and can have a transformative effect on their lives.

And when it comes to nutrition, personalization is one of the keys to effectiveness. Personalization comes in many forms: goal setting, nutritional products, nutritional education, an exercise plan, recognition and celebration of milestones, motivation, accountability, support, and much more.  This is the personalization experience many of our entrepreneurs perform to help their customers achieve nutrition and lifestyle results.

Why Trusting Relationships Have Greater Influence Than Traditional Ads

Consumers are much more likely to buy from people they trust. According to Nielsen, buyers’ trust in traditional advertising has dropped, while trust between buyer-to-buyer and peer-to-peer is higher than ever.

Increasingly, people are placing more value on personalized experiences. Customers can make better educated buying decisions when guided by a product expert. That is why social selling – selling products directly to people through trusted relationships – is becoming one of the most effective sales channels.

This trusting relationship is critically important when it comes to nutrition. Every person has unique health and wellness goals; achieving results can be difficult if you simply purchase products off the shelf, online, or without any guidance or support.

Our independent small business owners not only provide nutritious, high-quality, science-backed products, but they also act as trusted coaches to their customers. They motivate, instill confidence, and help customers establish healthier habits. This trust and support are the basis on which the relationship with their clients is established.

The Wellness Industry Looks Promising for Direct Sellers

This personalized service is at the heart of the direct selling industry’s growth and success. In 2019, there were nearly 120 million people around the world involved in direct selling. They produced an estimated $180.5 billion in retail sales, according to the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations.

Wellness products accounted for 35.6 percent of category sales, while cosmetics and personal care accounted for 28.6 percent.

Similarly, the wellness sector as a whole is growing particularly strong. According to the Global Wellness Institute (GWI), the wellness industry is currently valued at $4.5 trillion, which is more than three times the revenue of the global pharmaceutical industry.

For many Americans, direct selling in the health and wellness space can be quite appealing. According to a recent survey from the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, 70 percent of Americans are looking to add another source of income.

Of the 2000+ adults surveyed, 37 percent cited interest in selling products online while 36 percent were interested in offering their services and skills to others. For entrepreneurs passionate about helping others become healthier, personal coaching and educating customers about nutritional supplements can be a rewarding pursuit.

Positioned for Greater Possibilities

The trends described above paint an exciting panorama: one that is full of people who want to lead healthier lives, as well as opportunities for entrepreneurs passionate to help them achieve their personalized wellness goals.

Herbalife Nutrition is well-positioned to contribute to this positive outlook: we have been involved in social selling since 1980, and today we are a member of over 50 respected direct-selling associations around the world.

Our global presence combined with social media and technology allows our entrepreneurs to reach more people with good nutrition, education, and support.

With their passion for helping others improve their lives, the future is bright and we’re looking forward to reaching even more people through good nutrition.