I was born into the Herbalife Nutrition business. That’s an anecdote, not a joke! My parents started as customers, got great results, and then decided to try the business opportunity. They have been independent distributors for over 30 years.

I’ve always lived a healthy, active lifestyle and saw my family do the same, but I never thought the business opportunity was for me. At least not at such a young age: I was 19 years old when my parents invited me to become a distributor. I love the products and trust the brand, so I decided to jump in.

For me, the most rewarding aspect of this business is the flexibility it has allowed me in more than one way. Let me give you three examples:

1. Having the Flexibility to Do the Business Part-Time or Full Time

When I became a distributor, serving in the Israeli army was my full-time job. I started doing the Herbalife Nutrition business part-time, but the first year was hard. I heard many noes during that time, but that only inspired me to continue educating myself on nutrition and business management and working harder.

After a year and a half, I got my first client, and things started to pick up, slowly but steadily. When I finished serving in the army, I established a Nutrition Club. I encouraged customers to join us thereby letting them know about the benefits of building a community, having a place to come to meet like-minded people, and the opportunity to try new product samples before purchasing the whole canister or package.

It wasn’t until I had achieved a solid base of customers that I began to build my organization and look for people who wanted to try the business opportunity and become their own boss.

The transition from being in the army, where everything is so structured, and you get orders from your superiors, to becoming my own boss was exciting. I always tell my team that the Herbalife Nutrition business has a positive aspect and a challenging one, and they’re one and the same: you are your own boss.

That can be tough for some people because they might struggle with not having someone tell them what to do or providing detailed guidance. To succeed in this business, you must be very self-disciplined and persistent, and the army taught me just that.

2. Going from an In-Person Business to an Online Business

Last year, my team and I decided to bring our in-person activities and meetings to the online world.

We transitioned to virtual Nutrition Club experiences, virtual one-on-one assessments with our customers, and today we have a hybrid way of working. Gradually, we’re getting back to in-person workouts, which are always fun and have a special kind of hype, but we also do online meetings that allow folks to join from wherever they are located.

This circumstance helped me and my husband decide to move to a different country. We learned just how much we could continue supporting and coaching our organization online, so we are moving to Romania!

We’re starting a new journey because we felt like we were getting a bit too comfortable with our success, and we’re always on the lookout for the next challenge. For me, the flexibility of this business model is a gift because it means we can do it from anywhere.

3. Flexibility to Do the Business In Different Life Stages

When I started to do the business, some people didn’t trust me because I was very young. And now it’s so exciting to see the profile of who’s doing the Herbalife Nutrition business broaden.

Today there’s a huge push with millennials and Gen Z because this business and lifestyle is a natural fit for them. We’re becoming more aware of how important it is to take care of our bodies from an early age and the relevance of eating a balanced diet and regularly exercising.

I think social media has also played a role in this shift. It makes such an impact to show your daily meals, how you use the Herbalife Nutrition products, what kind of workouts you engage in, the Nutrition Club positive environment… All these things genuinely inspire people to want to become part of this lifestyle and this community.

Now that I am close to being thirty, I still work on building that trust to inspire people to start changing their life for the better. Building trust is really how you get to grow the business in a solid, steady way, and social media can be an excellent tool for it. I want to tell my story in my own words, with my particular energy.

Advice to New Entrepreneurs

In the beginning, I thought that I knew everything, and I didn’t need support, feedback, or to attend the training events. I trusted only myself, but I quickly realized that the core strength of this business is its community. I started to reach out, ask questions, listen to advice, and that’s when my business took off.

It wasn’t until I made the most of the network around me that I felt my real power as a changemaker. We are so much stronger together. When you do the daily work, you aren’t necessarily as aware of these things. But when you surround yourself with like-minded customers and entrepreneurs, you realize the strength of our community and our ability to impact lives positively. 

*Atypical achievements shown came from hard work, skill and dedication. Most people work part-time and typically earn $190 in a month in their 1st year, before expenses. For more, see Herbalife.com/SAGC.