Every distributor has a unique story of why they chose Herbalife Nutrition to build a business of their own. While they each have different journeys, I do notice similar threads from time to time: wanting more time to spend with family, earning extra income, and making a difference in their communities.

Building a small business is not easy, and so whenever I hear these stories of hard work, passion, and perseverance – I feel humbled and inspired. It’s amazing and exciting to see how our business builders are taking on the challenge to make the world healthier and happier, starting in their communities.

Here are just a few of those stories:

Nick F.

“We got involved in the Herbalife Nutrition business just over 11 years ago. At the time, we were running clinics. I was working 120 hours a week, and my wife Shayna worked 50 hours a week. We made great money, but I had no time, no time for the family.

So, we actually took a chance and found out about Herbalife Nutrition, and started taking the products. I got great results, she got great results, and really that’s when it started; we fell in love with the products. And then from there we took a look at the business opportunity and decided that this was something we wanted to do.”

Carmen M.

“When I worked for Corporate America, there was limitation as far as the things I wanted to do. And the nice thing that I’ve seen with Herbalife Nutrition is that I’m my own boss – I get to set the schedule; I get to set the goals I want to achieve.”

Carmen Mireles, Herbalife Nutrition distributor

My particular neighborhood is lower on the economic scale. People work really hard, take care of their children and don’t have a lot of opportunities through events of programs to get out and be active as a family. There are also limited options to shop for nutritious foods. That’s why Herbalife Nutrition is such a good solution for parents without much time to think about a healthy breakfast as they rush to get their kids to school and to work on time.

Being an Herbalife Nutrition distributor is a lot of work, and it hasn’t been easy. There have been a lot of long days and nights. But owning and operating my own small business has been so rewarding in so many ways because my nutrition club is making a positive impact in my community.”

Rochelle B.

“There’s a lot of excuses for our community to not workout. There’s like a pizza shop on every corner or a fast food place, and there is no fitness around here. When Healthy’s in Coshocton opened, a friend of mine said, ‘You gotta come down here and check this place out.’

It was absolutely incredible. The products tasted amazing. I was looking for nutrition in my life at the time, and I knew right away that that’s exactly what I wanted to do so I dove in head first. Through Herbalife Nutrition, I found not only my family and my husband, but I found so many friends and a huge support system that I never had before. Our dreams are growing, just as our business is. Our goal for Health’s is, again, to keep on impacting and keep on growing leaders out of our club.”

Rochelle Byers, Herbalife Nutrition distributor

Elian H. and Octavio R.

“One of the most important life decisions was when my husband and I decided we were ready to have children. We wanted to be a family that spent quality time together. That wouldn’t be easy without flexible work hours. We decided to focus on what we were passionate about: nutrition, fitness and being a positive influence on others.

Elian & Octavio, Herbalife Nutrition distributors

With the ability to set our own schedule, we’re able to work hard on the business while spending quality time together. It’s really rewarding to be able to do so while getting to know so many people and helping them improve their lives through good nutrition.”

Atypical achievements shown came from hard work, skill and dedication. Most people work part-time and typically earn $201 in a month in their 1st year, before expenses. For more, see Herbalife.com/SAGC.

Ibi Montesino

Ibi MontesinoExecutive Vice President, Chief of Staff

As executive vice president and Chief of Staff, Ibi Montesino helps the company deliver on its purpose of helping people live their best lives. In her role as Chief of Staff, she oversees all global distributor facing business, including sales, marketing and distributor operation functions, as well as all aspects of employee management and relations. Furthermore, she is helping the company achieve gains in productivity and impact, and execute on strategic, operational, and cultural agendas.