Are Herbalife products safe?

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Herbalife products safe?

Yes. Herbalife products are designed to be safe to consume by normal, healthy adults or other specific consumer groups, depending on the product. Before any product winds up in a consumer’s hand, it has been thoroughly tested for label compliance and ingredient purity thanks to the tireless work of our Global Consumer Safety team comprised of 300 medical professionals. Herbalife is serious about safety – and about protecting your health.

For any dietary supplement or nutrition product, we encourage those with a dietary restriction or medical condition—or even questions about the effect of changes in the diet—to consult their physician before taking Herbalife products and to use all products as directed on the label. But you can rest assured that all Herbalife products are subjected to rigorous testing and produced from only high-quality ingredients and sourced from conscientious suppliers.

Herbalife’s commitment to quality is applied at every stage of the manufacturing process. To maximize supply chain transparency, we partner with farmers and other suppliers around the world who are held to the highest standards. From beginning to end, we have processes in place to provide for the complete traceability of each and every ingredient that makes its way into our meal replacements, protein shakes, and other nutrition products.

Safe Weight Loss

Herbalife designs products and programs to help individuals achieve and maintain a healthy weight, including the world’s #1 health shake,* Herbalife Formula One. Our protein shakes, bars, and snacks support our customers’ weight management needs, providing a balance of essential nutrients without sacrificing great taste. Many people struggling with their weight have trouble keeping to a well-balanced diet, so meal replacements can be an effective tool to improve the nutritional value of their overall diet, while reducing calories. Learn more about the science behind Herbalife’s meal replacement weight loss program.

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