Is Herbalife FDA approved?

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Is Herbalife FDA approved?

The FDA does not approve foods, non-drug cosmetics, or dietary supplements for safety or effectiveness. Instead, it is the responsibility of manufacturers like Herbalife to ensure that nutrition products meet regulatory standards governing their content, manufacture, and labeling.

In addition to our own robust internal safety processes, many Herbalife products are certified by NSF International, a product safety organization that tests, inspects and certifies manufacturers around the globe who meet public health standards, and help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products, and environmental health.

Because consumers should never be in the dark about what’s in the food they’re eating, Herbalife follows FDA regulation concerning our food and supplement labels, including ingredient lists and nutritional values. Accurate nutritional information is a prerequisite for anyone looking to make informed health and dietary decisions. Consult any Herbalife nutrition label for important information including total calories, added sugars, serving size, and more.

Our products undergo rigorous testing. We conduct thousands of tests on our products each year, to ensure our products are as we intend them: safe for the general consumer, manufactured according to good practices, and offering nutritional benefit. We use DNA testing as part of our quality control processes, to identify the botanical extracts we use. This helps us ensure that what’s on the label is exactly what’s included in the product packaging. Finally, we hold our vendors to our own high standards, conducting periodic third-party audits of our vendor facilities.

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