Is Herbalife good for the body?

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Is Herbalife good for the body?

Herbalife Nutrition products are formulated to be safely used by healthy adults, or, in the case of products intended for use by children, to be safely used by them, too. Herbalife Nutrition products provide nutritional value by balancing a complex blend of nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, fiber and more. Herbalife Nutrition products are designed to help users achieve targeted nutrition goals like healthy weight maintenance or filling nutrient gaps in their diet.

Herbalife Nutrition offers more than just a line of great-testing nutrition products; Herbalife Nutrition also offers a line of skin- and hair-care products, and its independent distributors provide the personalized support that achieving personal nutritional goals requires. Because each person’s needs are unique, an approach to using our nutrition products can be customized to meet each individual’s needs and serve personal wellness goals. Acting as coaches, independent distributors keep their customers motivated, accountable and supported on their journeys.

Nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers, which means we use high-quality ingredients and hold ourselves to high standards for quality control. All Herbalife Nutrition products undergo quality certifications and third-party safety testing, and our ingredients are sourced to give us transparency throughout the supply chain. Providing science-backed products is a core pillar of our commitment to quality. Our in-house team of over 300 dietitians, doctors and scientists, as well as cutting-edge equipment, ensures we reach the highest standards. To support consumer safety, we recommend that any consumer with a medical condition, dietary restrictions, medications, or even questions about the impact of changing their diet, talk to their doctor before use.

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Herbalife Nutrition provides high-quality, great-tasting, science-backed products as part of our commitment to improving wellness across the globe.

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