What Does Herbalife Do For Your Body?

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What Does Herbalife Do For Your Body?


Herbalife Nutrition products help our customers maximize their health by offering products that target specific nutritional needs. In turn, Herbalife Nutrition customers can maintain a healthy weight, add the necessary nutrition to their diet, and fill any dietary gaps needed to live a healthy lifestyle. Depending on each customer’s needs, Herbalife Nutrition products can positively impact our customers in myriad ways, including weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, and nutritional enhancement.

Herbalife Nutrition is a global nutrition company focused on providing nutritional products such as teas, aloes, high-protein shakes and snacks, vitamins, supplements, meal replacements, sports, and outer nutrition. Our products are of high quality, backed by science, and go through a rigorous process to meet industry standards. Herbalife Nutrition partners with farmers and suppliers committed to using pure, traceable, and active ingredients that provide transparency for our customers.

Thanks to our reputation as the #1 brand for weight management and wellbeing*, many customers around the world turn to Herbalife Nutrition for help in achieving and maintaining their goal weight. Weight management is about more than just a diet and a workout plan; weight management is about embracing a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife Nutrition customers cultivate an approach to eating that is unique to their needs and aligned with their personal preferences. Just as important as the nutrition products themselves is the welcoming community of coaches and members who provide essential support and motivation as customers make progress toward their fitness goals.

For individuals whose lifestyle goals include weight loss, customers who incorporate the Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 meal replacement shake into their healthy lifestyle (alongside a healthy, balanced diet and regular physical activity), can expect to lose up to one-half to one pound per week.

Customers can learn about and order Herbalife Nutrition products through our direct selling model, which allows for a personalized experience with Herbalife Nutrition distributors. This model ensures that Herbalife Nutrition customers get what they need.

Herbalife Nutrition continues to create the opportunity for individuals to take control of their wellness journey. Moreover, Herbalife Nutrition’s mission is deeply rooted in initiatives such as Nutrition for Zero Hunger, which impacts communities globally by providing the tools, education, and access to reduce malnutrition and food scarcity.

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