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Dana Ryan, PhD, M.A. – Director, Sport Performance and Education

Dana Ryan

Ph.D., MBA, M.A. – Director, Sport Performance and Education

Dana Ryan is responsible for helping establish Herbalife Nutrition as a global leader in sports nutrition. Her primary focus is supporting Herbalife Nutrition-sponsored athletes around the world by developing nutrition and sports performance programs, as well as designing and managing sports clinical trials. Ryan has worked with members of the LA Galaxy, Flamengo, Barcelona FC and Liga in Ecuador, football players training for the NFL Combine, and other athletes in support of their nutrition programs.

Before joining Herbalife Nutrition, Ryan taught exercise physiology and related courses at California State University Los Angeles (CSULA), and has conducted research at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) on the impact of community-based nutrition and physical activity programs on heart disease risk.

Ryan completed her doctorate in physical activity, nutrition and wellness at Arizona State University, where she studied the impact of vitamin D supplementation on endothelial function, inflammation and VO2max in older adults. She also earned a Master of Science in kinesiology, and a certificate in nutrition for optimal health, wellness and performance.

She is a passionate athlete and was the coxswain for the University of Washington Division 1 crew team as an undergraduate, and then went on to coach high school rowing in San Diego and Arizona for eight years.