The field of fitness and exercise in the 21st century remains a mix of new approaches and old. New classes, programming, and choreography, in hopes of keeping it exciting and fresh, enhance traditional training methods. Running and cycling are still popular, but the past year saw the return of the 1980s rebounder trampoline craze, the continued expansion of High Intensity Training (HIIT) protocols, and growing participation in competition-based fitness like mud runs, 5Ks, and triathlons.

At the same time, as in pretty much every facet of life, society and the economy, technology is a constant driver of the exercise revolution – especially as more wearable devices come online and a wider array of apps appear on our smartphones, all of them offering people simple and easy ways to monitor their activity day by day, minute by minute.

For now, though, let’s highlight three trends that we expect to progress, emerge, or burst on the scene in 2018.

First, cross training styles are here to stay—it’s simply too effective of a way to seamlessly blend building muscle with working on your cardio all at once. It remains suitable for beginners or experienced exercisers. It can be tailored to each individual’s goals. It is a recognized strategy for everything from weight loss to weight maintenance to sports performance.

And that’s before people become more and more aware of the positive metabolic and body composition results sparked by these workouts. Suffice is to say, this dynamic and versatile regimen will keep trending upward year after year into the foreseeable future.

Second, as noted by Salvatore Nocerino, an Herbalife Nutrition fitness consultant and FAB member in Italy, the ABC style of training will keep growing and thriving, in Europe and around the world. Short for Athletic Body Conditioning, ABC combines body weight training, weight lifting, and choreographed movements using a single step and other simple equipment. It’s high-energy and highly stylized, with workouts that rely heavily on music of momentum, rhythm, and results. It emphasizes the importance of stretching, developing muscle, building a strong and stable core, and improving coordination.

Perhaps most important of all, ABC training is fun, well rounded, and effective – and its reach is expected to expand in 2018 and beyond.

Third, Chappy Callanta, another Herbalife Nutrition FAB member and coach from the Asia Pacific, believes that online and distance coaching will see a steady climb in demand, popularity, and usage in the year ahead. Technology is simply making these kinds of interactions easier, so you can find the coach you want and the guidance you need, wherever you are. Not only that, but this approach to coaching is likely to include a more holistic form of mentoring, taking into account people’s physical, nutritional, and psychosocial goals at the same time. It’ll help them recognize and alter their daily habits and utilize motivation techniques to facilitate behavioral change for the better. All of which will be key, in 2018 and long past that, to a sustainable, healthy, and active lifestyle.

No matter which trend you choose, one thing is for sure: the “exercise is medicine” movement is fast becoming a fact of life. The medical community is on board. So are top health care experts. They see it as a positive public health initiative for preventative care and disease risk management.

So if nothing else, the trend toward greater fitness as a pathway to health will continue.

Samantha Clayton

Samantha ClaytonOLY, ISSA-CPT – Vice President, Sports Performance and Fitness Education

Samantha Clayton serves as the vice president of Sports Performance and Fitness Education at Herbalife. She is also the Vice Chair of the Fitness Advisory Board. Clayton represented Great Britain at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in both the 200m and the 4x100m relay events. She is a certified personal trainer with specialty certifications in group fitness, youth fitness programming, senior fitness and athletic conditioning. Clayton has an associate degree in pharmaceutical science and studied chemistry at the University of Wolverhampton. She then went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in public health and a master’s in medical nutrition from American Public University and Arizona State University, respectively. As a mother of four, she enjoys cheering for her kids at their sporting activities. Her favorite Herbalife product is Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength.