A World Record to Inspire Change | IAmHerbalife

Herbalife is breaking records with good nutrition and exercise leading the way.
This March saw one of the most exciting moments in Herbalife history. On March 7 and 8, 2015, we set an official Guinness World Record for most participants in a High Intensity Interval Training workout in a 24-hour period.

Global HIIT workout sets the pace at Herbalife
The event kicked off bright and early in Auckland, New Zealand at 9 am local time.  As the sun rose in every region of the globe, thousands gathered and exercise commenced. From Japan to Spain, Russia to Panama, high intensity workouts took place on beaches, in parks, in gyms and in hotel ballrooms across more than 80 countries – in groups ranging from 10 to 1000+.  While these HIIT workouts were suitable for all, they ramped up in intensity and imagine how much more intense they become when you are attempting to set a world record!  In Los Angeles alone, a Guinness World Record was set when 4,000 people – the highest number of people gathered together in one location to conduct a High Intensity Interval Training Workout – filled the LA Live Plaza.

The event helped us celebrate our 35th anniversary – 35 years of Herbalife members working in their communities to highlight the importance of a healthy active life through good nutrition and exercise.
We wanted to do something that would raise global awareness about the importance of healthy living; something bold that would inspire people around the world to exercise and eat right. The answer was to provide a challenge. A challenge for Herbalife employees, members and their customers that would show what we stand for and, after all, actions speak louder than words.

Social Platforms turned to #WorldWorkout with over 20 MILLION impressions
The result was a truly global event that unfolded throughout the 24 hours on social media. We encourage you to search the hashtag #WorldWorkout to see some of the incredible images for yourself. There have already been over 20 million total impressions of our event, and the excitement and energy seems to jump right off of the screen.

Since our beginning in 1980, Herbalife has viewed the world with a sense of optimism.  We’ve always believed that people will embrace a healthy life if they are given the right opportunity, and that people thrive in a community environment that allows them to support each other and share experiences. Herbalife empowers – through our members and our products.

At Herbalife, we don’t just walk the walk –we conduct high intensity workouts!  This record setting 24-hour period was an incredible sight to see, because it brought people together in a very unique way.  Whether someone participated in person, or witnessed it on social channels, I hope the event left a lasting impression and made people feel inspired to make positive changes in their lives.