Champions Together: Proud to partner with Special Olympics World Games

Champions Together: Proud to partner with Special Olympics World Games

Herbalife is proud to support more than 700 Special Olympics athletes, coaches and staff from around the world who are coming to Los Angeles to compete in the 2015 Special Olympics World Games, starting on July 25, including one of the World Games’ youngest athletes.

The support of Special Olympics athletes from countries in Central America, Asia Pacific, and Europe, is in addition to Herbalife’s official role as Games Supplier for the World Games, which includes providing nutrition bars to athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers and honored guests at all sports venues and general dining areas.

“We are honored to directly support more than 700 Special Olympics athletes who are coming to Los Angeles from all over the world to compete in this city’s biggest sporting event of the year,” said Michael O. Johnson, chairman and chief executive officer, Herbalife. “We welcome the Special Olympics World Games to Los Angeles and we are excited to play our part in such an important event in bringing good nutrition to athletes, coaches and volunteers throughout the games.”

“Herbalife is a global nutrition company that shares our commitment to health, diversity and community,” said Patrick McClenahan, President and CEO of the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. “From its employee participation at the World Games to its network of members in over 90 countries providing support, Herbalife will bring outstanding awareness to our mission of acceptance and inclusion.”

Herbalife’s support features one of the World Games’ youngest athletes: 12-year-old Romanian swimmer, Ana Baltag. Baltag also practices karate, where she has earned a green belt. Herbalife is supporting three other athletes from Romania who are participating in swimming and bocce. Independent Herbalife members in Romania are also supporting the entire Romanian Special Olympics delegation traveling to Los Angeles. In Slovakia and Croatia, Herbalife will provide nutrition products to Special Olympics athletes in the days leading up to the World Games.

In Los Angeles, Herbalife donated its Los Angeles Distribution Center to serve as the organizing committee’s Uniform Distribution and Credentialing Center (UDAC), and volunteer registration hub in the weeks leading up to the Games. Additionally, Herbalife in Los Angeles is supporting 23 year-old Costa Rican Ariel Ary, who will participate in beach volleyball as part of Costa Rica’s volleyball Unified team. The beach volleyball games will take place in Long Beach.

Herbalife’s largest regional support is for the Russian delegation, where nearly 250 athletes are coming to Los Angeles to participate in 24 sporting events. The entire Russian delegation has access to Herbalife products, along with apparel and accessories.

Herbalife’s second-largest regional support is for delegations in Asia Pacific, where more than 200 Special Olympics athletes are coming to Los Angeles from Chinese Taipei, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand and Thailand. In addition to having access to Herbalife nutrition products, these athletes received a mixture of apparel kits and sports bags.

The Herbalife-supported group coming from the Central American country of El Salvador includes more than 20 athletes, each of whom will receive a special tour of Herbalife’s LA Live corporate facilities, where Herbalife officials will introduce key performance products to the athletes.

In Mexico, more than 120 Herbalife-supported athletes are traveling to Los Angeles to participate in various games. In addition to being fueled by Herbalife products, they also received apparel kits and sports bags.

In South Africa, through a series of fundraising efforts by Herbalife employees and independant Herbalife members, Herbalife is supporting the South African national team, whose 90-person delegation includes coaches and athletes competing in 10 different sports including table tennis, football, bocce, swimming and equestrian.

In Italy, Herbalife independent members are supporting the entire Italian Special Olympics swim team, consisting of eight athletes and two coaches. The support includes providing the swim team with Herbalife apparel and a complete supply of Herbalife’s product line and supplements.

In Ghana, after struggling to secure funding for airfare and equipment, the Ghana Special Olympics delegation made a public appeal for support. Herbalife members quickly rallied around the request for funding, and are providing support that will help Ghana participate in this year’s Special Olympics World Games.