The 5-Time Major League Soccer Champion LA Galaxy will host their 1st Annual Sports Science Symposium on May 23-25 with some of the industry’s top experts who will share the latest techniques and advances in sports performance and sport science research. At the event, I’ll have the chance to speak about the importance of personalized post-training nutrition and will discuss how sports nutrition works hand in hand with other elements of sport science. Designing a personalized sports nutrition and hydration program that helps athletes achieve peak performance on game day and allows them a quick recovery after is key to success.

A major topic of discussion will be big data and data collection, specifically focused on things like: heart rate variability, GPS data, and fatigue to name a few. As sports science evolves, we must continue to learn how best to utilize these data. What is the best method to take these data and turn it into measurable performance improvement?  Understanding the potential application of large data is an area where a lot of learning can still take place. We constantly see new ways and technology to collect data, but the important conversation is: how do we use these data in a way that is going to impact and improve performance on the field?

Another key component will focus on the importance of building a relationship with each athlete you work with. Without doing so, the ability to implement findings from big data and developing personalized plans becomes much more difficult. Trust is what allows me to create an effective nutrition plan that the athletes I work with will follow.

As Director of Sport Performance and Education for Herbalife Nutrition, I am thrilled to be invited to speak and have a voice for sports nutrition in this sports science symposium. Having nutrition as a part of the event is a great step in continuing to elevate the importance of sports nutrition in elite sports.

Dana Ryan

Dana RyanPh.D., MA, MBA – Director, Sports Performance, Nutrition and Education

Dr. Dana Ryan is the director of Sports Performance, Nutrition and Education at Herbalife. She is also the Chair of the Fitness Advisory Board. She completed her doctorate in Physical Activity, Nutrition and Wellness at Arizona State University. She earned an MBA from USC and a Master’s in Kinesiology from San Diego State University. Dr. Ryan is also certified in nutrition for optimal health, wellness and performance. Before joining Herbalife Nutrition, she taught exercise physiology and related courses at California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA), and conducted research at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),* on the impact of community-based nutrition and physical activity programs on heart disease risk. A passionate athlete, Dr. Ryan enjoys all water sports, especially rowing. Her favorite Herbalife products are Herbalife24® Liftoff®, Herbalife24® Rebuild Strength and Enrichual Hemp Facial Serum.

*The University of California does not endorse specific products or services as a matter of policy.