How many people can say that they do triathlons with their mom? Not a lot of us, which is why I’m proud to share my story about the relationship I have with my mother, Anna, and our unique bond.

My mother and I have always been close. We talk all the time, share the same humor, and even work for the same company: she’s been with Herbalife Nutrition for 23 years whereas I joined the company in 2012.

Being an employee at a nutrition company has its perks, like access to various Herbalife Nutrition products and the Herbalife Fitness Center – but the biggest perk of all is the shift I made to my own lifestyle. Since joining the company, I work out more and make a conscious effort to eat healthier. It was within the first year when I learned about the Herbalife24 Triathlon in Los Angeles and decided to sign up for my first full triathlon, completing the 1,500 meters swim, 40 km bike ride and 10 km run.

And of course, my mom was there to cheer me on. It was soon after that first race that my mom made the decision to get more active and started bike riding with my dad. She was so committed to training that I suggested we sign up as a relay team in the next triathlon. I would do the running and swimming, and she would do the biking.

In 2014, we completed our first triathlon together, and it went very well! Becoming fit buddies with my mom felt natural. It strengthened our relationship because we had to learn to work as a team and keep each other accountable. This is super important to remain motivated. When someone not only believes in you but also relies on you to achieve a shared goal, it makes you want to give your best.

Together my mom and I have embraced a healthier lifestyle. Not only are we fit and active, but we mind our nutrition year-round. Preparing for a triathlon is a commitment: you have to fuel properly before, during, and after. And the best way to do so is through good, balanced nutrition.

David and Anna Rocha

My mom and I are now preparing for our sixth triathlon together and working toward the shared goal of improving our times from last year.

Every family has something that brings them together: some root for the same sports team, others have annual barbeques. My mom and I chose to bond over fitness. You know how moms cheer for their sons at sports events, usually from the seats? In our case, we cheer for each other right on the field! I’m proud to be able to do this together with my mom for many years to come.

How to join the H24 Triathlon

You can join the Los Angeles Herbalife24 Triathlon, too! It is an event crafted for both professionals and newcomers. You can participate individually or, like my mom and me, do so as part of a relay.*

Furthermore, by signing up you can support a good cause. This year, the Union Rescue Mission (URM) is the official charity partner of the triathlon. A portion of your registration fee will support the URM’s efforts to help people experiencing homelessness by providing food and shelter, as well as education, medical, dental, counseling, and long-term recovery programs.

To join the excitement, competition, and fun of a major triathlon click here.

* Before embarking on any physical activity, please consult your physician.