During times of crisis, it’s critical to ensure that the most vulnerable communities have access to nutritious meals. But with safety guidelines in place worldwide, how can we support those with limited access?

Throughout the pandemic, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) has worked with our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partners to find new ways to reach children and families in need. In 2020, HNF gave $4.15 million in annual grants to 168 Casas in 57 countries, which helped provide medical supplies, food, and essentials in response to COVID-19.

With HNF’s support, our global partners adapted to ensure that 220,000 children and families still received over nine million meals last year.

How Wilkinson Center Responded to the Call for Support

Over the last 18 months, our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner, Wilkinson Center, witnessed a large increase of families in need of assistance at their East Dallas food pantry. Children didn’t have access to school-sponsored meals, seniors needed additional help during the pandemic, and families were struggling to survive.

“We had cars lined up for miles waiting for assistance with food and anything else we can help with,” said Ann Fields, the Grants Manager at Wilkinson Center. “Our leadership team decided that we were going to meet the need and not turn anyone away.”

Wilkinson Center set out a goal to have a mobile presence in the neighborhoods where their clients live. Through HNF’s support, the Wilkinson Center launched Pantry2Go, a mobile food program designed to provide food for those in need with limited access.

Wilkinson Center Truck

Between the Casa’s food pantry and the mobile food truck, Wilkinson Center is set to reach about 3,000 people in vulnerable communities who are facing food insecurity and malnutrition. With the addition of Pantry2Go, our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner plans to offset some of the need at the food pantry by taking pre-packed meals into the community.

“Our over-reaching mission is to eradicate poverty in Dallas,” said Laura Ingrim, Wilkinson Center Engagement Manager. “The work is never done and we’re very big on pivoting to fill the holes that we need to.”

Pantry2Go will safely deliver food to senior communities and two high schools in high-poverty areas in Dallas. Their “Stock Up For Summer” campaign also focuses on supporting the additional families in need through food drives and donations during the summer.

HNF has supported the Wilkinson Center since 2013, providing over $230,000 in grant support and helping over 28,000 children.

“We love our partnership with the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation,” Ann said. “With Herbalife’s support, we’ve been able to take those dollars, convert them into food, then convert them into meals for families. Your giving really matters. I wish the donors and the people involved with HNF could see the smiles on the kids’ faces when they get the back-to-school supplies and how moved they are. We’re talking about real lives here.”

To learn more about HNF and how you can support, please visit HerbalifeNutritionFoundation.org.