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The Global FoodBanking Network

A Nutrition for Zero Hunger Partner

Partnering with The Global FoodBanking Network

The Global FoodBanking Network supports community-driven solutions to alleviate hunger in nearly 50 countries. They accelerate the development of food banks and demonstrate how to run them with local leaders.

As part of our Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative, with funding from the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation*, we are proud to partner with The Global FoodBanking Network to address these issues in regions with the most urgent needs, specifically the Food Bank Incubator Program in Southeast Asia.

About The Global FoodBanking Network

The Global FoodBanking Network collaboratively builds strategy with food bank leaders and connects those leaders with peers in other countries to increase food distribution, creating more efficient and resilient food systems.

How Food Bank Incubator Programs Address Hunger

The Food Bank Incubator Program sets up newer food banks for success by offering leaders technical support, coaching and training. Their team of experts has more than 60 years of experience in food bank management and expansion, including more than 14 years in the field globally.

Their partnership, customized technical assistance, and operational guidance empower leaders to focus on collecting and distributing food to people facing hunger.

"Our partnership is built on a shared understanding of the severity of the global hunger crisis and a common purpose -- to nourish our communities and achieve Zero Hunger. Together, we can ensure we have the capabilities, food, staff, and equipment needed to continue supporting and expanding The Network, nourishing many in our communities."

Lisa Moon
The Global FoodBanking Network,
President and CEO

*Includes contributions from the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF). As a public charity, HNF chooses to join Herbalife Nutrition in some charitable initiatives where mission and goals are aligned.

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