Although everyone can benefit from a healthier diet, the impact of good nutrition can be life-changing to vulnerable populations affected by malnutrition.

The rates of global hunger, acute food insecurity and malnutrition are rising and pose some of the largest risks to health. The Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations estimates there could be two billion undernourished people by 2050. In addition, food insecurity ­– a lack of consistent access to enough, nutritious food ­– contributes to rates of  overweight and obesity, as well as malnutrition and developmental disorders.

Malnutrition is a global disease that encompasses three different problems, known as the triple burden of malnutrition: undernutrition, micronutrient deficiency, and obesity. As a result, one in nine people globally is undernourished, one in three is impacted by some form of malnutrition, and one in ten is obese.

How can we help tackle these pressing global challenges? We believe access to good nutrition is a critical part of the equation, which is why we are proud to announce our Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative.

How Does the Initiative Address Global Hunger?

Nutrition for Zero Hunger will tackle global hunger through a pledge of $2 million over the next three years including key commitments to increase access to healthy foods and nutrition education for vulnerable populations around the world.

The Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative aligns with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #2 – Zero Hunger, which calls for bold action to end malnutrition in all its forms by 2030, as well as solutions to end global hunger and improve nutrition worldwide.

Nutrition for Zero Hunger comprises commitments worldwide including:

1. Global Partnerships

To boost our impact, we partner with organizations focused on addressing hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition.  We work with organizations who are doing the work on the ground to help support access to nutritious foods and working to address systemic food insecurity and malnutrition. Our partnership and nutrition expertise will help further their reach and overall impact.

Addressing Global Hunger

As a part of Nutrition for Zero Hunger, we are proud to partner with Feed the Children, a leading advocate for defeating childhood hunger worldwide.

The initiative addresses key pandemic problems, and through our work with our NGO partners, like Feed the Children, we are working to build a world where everyone has access to quality food and nutrition.

Feed the Children is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting families and communities by providing food assistance and resources to help achieve stable lives both in the U.S. and internationally in 10 countries. In 2018, Feed the Children distributed 88.6 million pounds of food and essentials, working with community partners to support 6.5 million people globally.

2. Product Donations

As a global leader in nutrition, with almost 40 years of experience developing science-backed nutrition products, we will provide product donations of convenient nutrient-dense products.

Nutrient density, a measure of nutrients provided per calorie, is an important factor in a healthy diet and especially critical in the context of malnutrition. When choosing between two food items with the same calorie amount, one food choice may provide empty calories from sugar and saturated fat with no other significant nutrients, while another choice can provide your body with the protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals we need daily.

Our products are developed with nutrient density in mind. Our protein-rich meal replacement shakes provide all of the nutrients from a well-balanced meal with up to 21 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E, 9g of plant-based soy protein and fiber.

Another example of the impact our product donations can have is our partnership with the American Red Cross (ARC). Since 2015, we have supported ARC by raising funds for global disaster relief events and hosting onsite blood drives, but also by providing our protein bars that have supported both blood donors and people impacted by disaster.

3. Nutrition Expertise

Being the leading nutrition company in the world is a distinction earned through our commitment to quality products, state-of-the art manufacturing and supply chain. With products available in 95 markets worldwide and a global network of more than 300 scientists, researchers, doctors, dietitians and nutritionists, we are experts in developing and delivering quality nutrition worldwide to ensure that our millions of customers and independent distributors can depend on access to quality nutrition products.

Investing in nutrition education

Our “Seed to Feed” initiative ensures our ingredients are being sourced in the best conditions by working closely with partner farmers and world-class suppliers as well as rigorous testing of our products before they reach consumers.

We will use our expertise in developing and delivering top quality nutrition worldwide to support our partners with access to food and supply infrastructure and collaborate on expanding nutrition and food programs.

4. Resources for Nutrition Education

Nutrition and a healthy, active lifestyle can greatly impact health, but education can often be a challenge for those who may not know how to get started or overwhelmed by conflicting information. By working with our network of registered dietitians and nutritionists from around the world, we have developed and provided tools to empower people to make healthy choices. We will work with partners to share tools and resources to increase nutrition education and customize for communities across geographies, languages and ages.

5. Global Volunteering Efforts

We will tap into our extensive global network of employees, independent distributors, and customers to help bring an end to hunger. With our global footprint we have the unique opportunity to reach many of those in need. Our 2019 Global Month of Purpose, a worldwide event to empower volunteerism resulted in more than 11,000 hours spent in service of local communities.

6. Raising Awareness

By integrating thought leaders, experts, nonprofit partners, media, and the general public as part of external campaigns, we aim to engage millions of people per year to join in and share about Nutrition for Zero Hunger.

Herbalife Nutrition was built with the purpose to improve lives worldwide through access to good nutrition. Through Nutrition for Zero Hunger, we will address key pandemic problems and help set goals for a world where everyone has access to quality food, taking hunger down to zero.

With your help, we can take hunger to zero. Click here to share your support on social with #NutritionForZeroHunger.

Erin Richards-Kunkel

Erin Richards-KunkelSr. Director, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility

Erin leads the development and execution of global partnerships and corporate social responsibility initiatives for Herbalife Nutrition. Her background combines analytical and creative expertise with degrees in both biological sciences and journalism from the University of California, Davis and the University of Southern California respectively. Her love of storytelling, science, and social good comes together in her approach for engagement and holistic campaign strategy and development.