People thrive when they are valued, have a sense of mutual trust, and are encouraged to exercise their talents. Contributing to that goal is my professional passion and the reason I work in Human Resources. I decided to join Herbalife Nutrition seven years ago because I admired what the Company stood for: working together, always doing what’s right, and building it better.

These values complement my own life experiences. Originally from Jamaica, my parents moved to the United Kingdom, where they worked hard to provide for our family. I inherited their work ethic early on: it was clear that I needed to work very hard to achieve anything in life, especially since being part of a minority added to the challenges I would face.

Throughout my career, I’ve learned that all around the world, employees tend to stay at a company if there are opportunities that promote growth, well-being, and inclusivity. And at Herbalife Nutrition, we are committed to building a thriving work culture for all through various programs and initiatives.

Our Company Culture Difference

What sets Herbalife Nutrition apart is our culture, which is founded on two main complementary pillars:

When human connection and work ethics are integrated and prioritized in the workplace, teamwork collaboration becomes an excellent conduit for success. I am dedicated to building a thriving work culture in the workplace because I care about improving employees’ health and wellness, cultivating an inclusive work environment, and advancing servant leadership and professional growth programs for everyone.

These are the pillars of our Human Resources strategy:

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Herbalife Nutrition recognizes diversity as a strength, and we celebrate multiculturalism and promote fairness and equality. This requires creating a work environment where people of all genders, ethnicities, abilities, cultures, races, religions, and sexual orientations can thrive. We are focusing on:

Furthermore, we have fostered Employee Networks, which are open forums for employees who share common interests to meet and support one another, develop goals, and address concerns to advance a respectful and caring community.

So far, we have eight employee networks: Black Life, Millennial Network, Multicultural Life, Proud Life, Vet Life, Women in Leadership, Women in Technology, and Working Parents Life. These spaces promote diversity, openness, understanding, and inclusiveness. They are open to all employees, and participation by employees is voluntary.

Health, Wellness, and Safety

As a global nutrition company, we prioritize the health and well-being of our employees. This includes providing a safe and healthy work environment and encouraging healthy lifestyles.

We demonstrate this commitment by offering a wide variety of resources globally. Below are some examples from the Wellness and Fitness employee offering in the United States:

  1. A voluntary Personalized Wellness Improvement Program for all employees designed to promote a healthy, active lifestyle through a combination of education, disease prevention, and early diagnosis. The program provides tools and services to help each employee make healthier choices, ongoing support, and personalized goal setting and coaching.
  2. In-house gyms and online fitness and wellness offerings where employees can work out on their own, with a trainer or participate in group classes. Our online offerings include fitness challenges and classes, as well as activities to boost employee’s nutrition and increase their mental well-being. Our wellness programs include many aspects of wellness, going beyond physical fitness to include mental well-being and financial literacy.
  3. Get Recognized at Work (GROW) program to allow employees to recognize each other for progress toward fitness goals at our fitness centers and outside the office.

Performance and Professional Development

Investments in our employees’ professional growth and development are equally as significant as an investment in product development—both helping to drive business growth. We make development an ongoing part of employees’ routines through initiatives like:

  1. Offsetting higher education costs: development programs can include undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificate programs, and skills-based courses and are open to all eligible part-time and full-time employees.
  2. Herbalife Nutrition University (HNU): an internal learning management system with thousands of continuously refreshed courses in multiple languages, available to all employees.
  3. Servant Leadership training: a program geared toward leaders but available for all employees. The principle of servant leadership is that leaders empower their teams to grow and is a crucial part of the Herbalife Nutrition culture.

At Herbalife Nutrition, being a purposeful and human-driven employer means being intentional, meaningful, and caring in inspiring our people. We believe it is critical for the long-term success of our business to foster an environment that reflects our values, encourages and enables inclusion, and promotes collaboration and well-being. We strive to empower our people to realize their full professional and personal potential and achieve their ambitions by creating a culture that increases their capacity to learn, grow and innovate.

You can read more about our Company’s Human Resources strategy and goals in our first-ever Global Responsibility Report.