As a purpose-driven company, we are always striving to positively change lives around the world. Giving back to our communities has always been part of who we are.

Through our Company’s efforts and efforts of our foundation, we leverage local initiatives and partner with existing charities to help communities around the globe.  For example, our Casa Herbalife Nutrition program provides healthy meals and nutrition education to over 100,000 children and families around the world every year and our partnerships with the American Cancer Society and the American Red Cross help us reach even more people who might need some help. Unity makes us stronger, and our partners help broaden our scope of impact.

Global Month of Purpose

In addition to the Company’s philanthropic endeavors, every day our independent distributors and employees engage in personal efforts to support the communities where they live and work.

To encourage, inspire, and continue such volunteering efforts for worthy causes, we have designated February as the Global Month of Purpose at Herbalife Nutrition.  The Global Month of Purpose initiative compliments the Company’s existing robust program of serving communities around the globe and volunteer activities are centered around the Company’s commitment to helping under-served communities and providing access to good nutrition and nutrition education.  This concerted effort goes beyond financial donations as we know at times, it is even more valuable contributing our time, creativity and expertise for causes that make a positive impact.  Yes, during this month, our entire community will come together to support organizations and institutions by standing side by side with our partners and neighbors, rolling up our sleeves, and improving our communities.

Why Volunteer?

While volunteering is a part of our Company DNA and allows us to put our purpose of making the world healthier and happier in action, it also has many proven benefits to company culture and wellbeing.

For instance, it is a great way to strengthen the relationship between work colleagues. When it comes to hands-on volunteer activities, there is no corporate hierarchy. That allows employees from all levels and independent distributors to interact and share a meaningful experience.

Volunteering also supports many employees’ passion to work for a socially responsible company. People want to live our values beyond paper, and the Global Month of Purpose is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Furthermore, it turns out there are also some real health benefits associated with volunteering. A study from Carnegie Mellon University indicates that adults over age 50 who volunteered on a regular basis were less likely to develop high blood pressure than non-volunteers and had a longer lifespan. While volunteering itself is not responsible for such health benefits, the study suggests that people who volunteer may be more likely to do other things, like eat a healthy diet or exercise, which lower blood pressure. Furthermore, many volunteer activities require moderate physical activity, which is good for overall health. Doing something good for others might also improve your mood and reduce stress.

Engaging in our communities and doing the work first-hand puts a lot of things into perspective. That is why we are inspired to continue fulfilling our purpose every day, every month, and ever year.

Alan Hoffman

Alan HoffmanExecutive Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs

Alan Hoffman has more than 25 years of public policy, communications, and government experience, having served as senior vice president for global public policy at PepsiCo, as well as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States and Deputy Assistant to the President of the United States. He holds a Juris Doctorate and Master of Public Administration from USC.