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Nourishing People and Planet

Every day, we help people improve their nutrition with our science-backed products and by providing economic opportunities through our direct selling business model. In the process, we help millions around the world lead a healthier lifestyle, have a positive impact in their communities and become entrepreneurs. Our Global Responsibility strategy builds on this work by focusing on three areas in which our nutritional expertise, global distributor network and worldwide reach can make a difference.

50 Million Positive Impacts

We have set a goal to achieve 50 million positive impacts across our Global Responsibility programs by 2030, the 50th anniversary of Herbalife Nutrition.

Our Strategy:
Three Primary Areas of Focus

Nourish Healthy Communities

Nourish Healthy Communities

We’ve been focused on helping people improve their nutritional habits for more than 40 years, so working to end hunger is a natural opportunity for our business. Ending hunger is also one of the world’s most pressing needs. Nearly one in nine people around the world were affected by hunger, and more than 2 billion people were impacted by some form of food insecurity, according to the United Nations. Fortunately, we have a strong foundation to help address this challenge: Nutrition for Zero Hunger, our global initiative that combines a range of partnerships and programs to tackle hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Similarly, the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation (HNF) supports community-based Casa Herbalife Nutrition partners around the globe that help bring good nutrition to children and support socially vulnerable populations. We are building on our legacy efforts through new initiatives that aspire to achieve zero empty plates.

Nourish Economic Empowerment

Nourish Economic Empowerment

According to the International Labour Organization, almost half a billion people work fewer paid hours than they would like or lack adequate access to paid work. We aim to target this global challenge in two ways. First, our direct sales business model can provide meaningful economic opportunity to individuals who want to further enhance their incomes by adding a chance to supplement the existing job income with earnings from the Herbalife Nutrition business opportunity. Second, with our distributors, we aspire to help others by leveraging coaching, training, mentorship and empowerment for entrepreneurs and small businesses to best set them up for success. Our skills in this area have been gained from supporting independent distributors worldwide and can be applied to support programs around the world that advance economic empowerment for underrepresented communities and promote entrepreneurship in the areas they are pursuing.

Nourish a Thriving Planet

Nourish a Thriving Planet

Climate change is the most universally pressing challenge in our world today. From this perspective, our focus on improving individual health extends to improving the health of our planet. We are committed to working across our operations and supply chain to reduce and, ultimately, eliminate negative environmental impacts. Given the urgency of climate change, we also are committed to contributing positive environmental impacts in areas such as plant-based proteins and ingredients, forest restoration and circular economy. The latter is centered around sustainable product packaging, one of our top priorities. In this area, we are focused on reducing the single-use plastics throughout our global distribution network and incorporating more sustainable content, such as post-consumer resin, into our packaging.

Our Journey to 50 Million

To drive our progress toward nourishing people and planet, we’ve set an ambitious goal to make 50 million impacts by our 50th anniversary in 2030. From providing meals through our Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative to mentoring young entrepreneurs to reducing thousands of pounds of plastic in our packaging, we’re passionate about “filling the glass” full of positive impacts.

975K+ meals and food subsidy boxes donated, provided to families and communities
874K+ servings of nutrition products donated to communities
376K+ total program beneficiaries reached through nonprofit partnerships
222K+ other in-kind materials donated to communities – including hygiene items like soap, shampoo, conditioner, kitchen equipment like blenders, apparel, and other items
403K+ units of personal protection equipment, safety equipment donated to front-line workers to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic
766K+ total kilograms of packaging, other materials recycled
227K+ total kilograms of packaging materials, plastics, paper, and other waste-prone materials removed from our product packaging and operations

A Few Ways Our Impact Adds Up


total positive impacts since 2020


meals, kilograms of food, and food boxes donated since 2020


kilograms of materials recycled since 2020


servings of Herbalife Nutrition products donated since 2020

The issues we’re tackling are enormous and require everyone’s efforts. That’s why we’re excited to invite all of our stakeholders — employees, distributors, community partners and more — to join our cause.

Learn more about our pledge to achieve 50 million positive impacts by 2030 and how we are assessing our progress.


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