Children’s Health and Nutrition Remain Important as Ever

Did you know that there are more than 820 million undernourished people worldwide? It’s a staggering number, which is why we must all do our part and give what we can to support those in need.

The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is committed to improving the lives of children and families around the world. Every year, we fund grants to charitable organizations that give vulnerable communities the nutrition they need. We believe everyone should have equal access to good nutrition and education.

All our 168 Casa Herbalife Nutrition partners – from California and throughout America to Peru, and from Italy to Cambodia­ – need our support more than ever to help provide vulnerable children and families with good nutrition.

How We Support Children with Good Nutrition

Good nutrition is about more than just having enough food to eat – our Casa Herbalife Nutrition programs provide children and families with the nourishment, care, and education they need to thrive today and spread their wings tomorrow. That’s why we provide millions of dollars in funding each year to orphanages, hospitals, schools, and organizations in nearly 60 countries.

Inspiring Stories of Hope

Every day, I am inspired by stories of resiliency, triumph, and hope, thanks to the programs offered by our Casa partners. One of the stories that come to mind is that of Silvia, one of the participants at Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner in North America. Silvia and her family were deeply affected by food insecurity when the pandemic first hit in 2020 and had to rely on the support of local food banks. Through the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s (HNF) support, HOLA was able to provide weekly grocery distributions and gift cards to families most in need, like Silvia’s.

“In this difficult year, we’ve learned to value the things in our life that have always been there. HOLA is one of those things,” said Silvia. “HOLA has always been there for us, whether it’s through food distribution or support and guidance for my daughters.”

Heart of Los Angeles family
Photo Credit: Aaron Rapoport

Then there’s two-year-old Sorphoan, who was born with a cleft palate and suffered from acute malnutrition because she had to rely on a feeding tube to eat. The Angkor Hospital for Children, a Casa Herbalife Nutrition partner, was able to provide Sorphoan with a customized feeding formula that significantly improved her condition. She gained enough strength and weight to have cleft palate surgery eventually. During Sorphoan’s hospitalization, her father also learned how to prepare nutritious meals for his infant through a program funded by HNF.

Angkor Hospital for Children

Learn more about Sorphoan’s story here.

Stories like these keep me optimistic about the future of children’s health and nutrition. We continue to work every day to ensure children and family’s like Silvia’s and Sorphoan’s receive access to the meals, nutrition, and care they need to transform their lives.

How You Can Help

Without adequate funding, our partners will not be able to sustain some of their most important projects, like bringing clean water to villages or giving children and families access to food.

You can help these organizations by donating to HNF today. Your donations will help provide children and families with the healthy nutrition they need for a brighter future.

Donate to the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation today.

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