Our Company is built around improving people’s lives through economic opportunities. We proudly support organizations that empower opportunities for underserved, vulnerable, and minority communities. These alliances with leading nonprofit organizations can transform entire communities and change lives by inspiring the next generation of youth through leadership and mentorship programs.

Moreover, a dedication to making a lasting difference, continuous education, and supporting professional growth are pillars of our thriving work culture at Herbalife Nutrition. Looking for ways to empower our employees to make a difference, we partnered with the Village Book Builders nonprofit organization because it encompasses values we work to cultivate.

Village Book Builders empowers villages worldwide to end poverty through education. One way they do so is by connecting volunteers to serve as mentors to  students in developing communities around the globe.

Village Book Builders

Herbalife Nutrition’s partnership with Village Book Builders will:

This initiative is part of our Global Responsibility economic empowerment pillar, which supports programs worldwide that advance and support inclusive economies for underrepresented communities and promote entrepreneurship. Mentorship and training which supports educational achievement can significantly improve outcomes for youth and pave the way for personal empowerment while strengthening local communities.

Our partnership with Village Book Builders and support for students is made possible through the passion of our purpose-driven employees. In 2021, Herbalife Nutrition employees participated in pilot mentorship sessions with students in Ghana during an eight-week program. We are proud to share experiences from several pilot program mentees and how volunteering helped shaped their personal and professional goals.

Daisy Li, Applications Analyst III, Herbalife Nutrition

What compelled you to enroll in the Village Book Builders program and participate?

I am passionate about helping people with my knowledge and skills to influence and inspire positive change. I also aspire to grow and develop personally. Volunteering for Village Book Builders taught me about different cultures and lifestyles. This experience expanded my awareness of the challenges the  students I mentored face on a daily basis. Not only was I able to mentor them and witness their growth, but they also taught me valuable lessons.

Village Book Builders Daisy Li Quote Card

Why is it important to you to give back in this way? 

While growing up, I was always eager for a good mentor to guide me with the right values and direction. Mentors play a critical role in helping people become the best version of themselves. I signed up for Village Book Builders because I wanted to be a mentor and help give  students living in developing countries a vision and a dream to contribute to this world.

How does Herbalife Nutrition support your desire to give back? 

It’s encouraging that our Corporate Social Responsibility team is always looking for opportunities to give back to society and empower employees to do the same. I love that giving back is an integral part of our workplace culture.

How would you encourage your colleagues to join the next iteration of the Village Book Builders program? 

I would encourage everyone to chime in, be involved, and be engaged to make a positive impact on the lives of future generations. What we invest in now will come back to us.

Caroline Sun, Sr. Specialist, Data Management, Herbalife Nutrition

What compelled you to enroll in the Village Book Builders program and participate?

I wanted to help others, and I was curious about this initiative. Village Book Builders and  their mentoring program teach students how to enjoy learning

Why is it important to you to give back in this way?

I think it is essential for students  to enjoy learning to make it easier for them to succeed as they are growing up. As a child of immigrants, I was raised in poverty, but I had the privilege to go to school. I am thankful for my education because it opened more doors than I could have ever imagined. 

Village Book Builders Caroline Sun Quote Card

How does Herbalife Nutrition support your desire to give back?

Herbalife Nutrition promotes volunteering efforts through this program and other  opportunities that are offered under the compensated volunteer program.  I wouldn’t have been able to give back if I didn’t have the freedom and the flexibility to participate in the program during my work schedule.

How would you encourage your colleagues to join the next iteration of the Village Book Builders program? 

Being a Village Book Builder mentor was an eye-opening experience. I had no idea how much wonder, joy, and excitement I would be able to bring to the students;  it was gratifying to learn and discover new things with them.

It’s Your Turn to Get Involved

Volunteering supports many employees’ passion for working for a socially responsible company. People want to live our values beyond paper, and the Village Book Builders mentorship program is the perfect opportunity to do so.

Engaging with and in our communities and doing first-hand work puts many things into perspective, which is why we are inspired to continue fulfilling our purpose every day, every month, and every year.

Learn more about Village Book Builders mentorship and other programs here.

Erin Richards-Kunkel

Erin Richards-KunkelSr. Director, Strategic Partnerships and Corporate Social Responsibility

Erin leads the development and execution of global partnerships and corporate social responsibility initiatives for Herbalife Nutrition. Her background combines analytical and creative expertise with degrees in both biological sciences and journalism from the University of California, Davis and the University of Southern California respectively. Her love of storytelling, science, and social good comes together in her approach for engagement and holistic campaign strategy and development.