The Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s* (HNF) Casa Herbalife Nutrition program was formally established in 2005 to provide healthy meals and nutrition education to children around the world. Each year, annual grants are distributed to support existing organizations (Casas), who are united in our mission to help children.

The Atlanta Children’s Shelter (ACS) is one of our Casa Herbalife Nutrition partners that provide meals, stable housing, and quality education to homeless families in their local community.

“When I first came to ACS, I was stressed,” said Angela, a parent who currently receives support from ACS. “I had twins that I couldn’t afford to put in school, but getting them into the daycare program was a pretty phenomenal resource.”

With help from ACS, Angela was able to rebuild her life after experiencing domestic violence.

Since 2005, HNF has provided ACS with 18 grants worth over $500,000, helping 900 children and families.

“If I did not get connected with ACS at the very beginning, I honestly don’t know where children and I would be right now,” said Mackenzie, a program participant.

Watch the video above to hear more inspiring stories from the members of the community who receive support from the Atlanta Children’s Shelter.

If you are inspired by these stories and want to support the work HNF does, you can support the Foundation’s Year-End Giving campaign during the holiday season here.

* Special tax notice: the Herbalife Nutrition Foundation is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation. US EIN51-0523266. Donations may be deductible under U.S. and state law. If you have any question, please send an email to