Gene Corbett
VP of Human Resources, Winston-Salem

Lance Buchanan
VP of Manufacturing Operations, Winston-Salem

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. From sourcing the ingredients, to rigorous testing, to the final package, our products go through numerous quality assurance checks. Technology and infrastructure are an essential part of this quality process: we currently have 5 Herbalife Nutrition Innovation & Manufacturing (H.I.M.) facilities, where leading scientists and experts in nutrition guide the development, creation, and testing of our products. We work in one of them, located in Winston-Salem in North Carolina.

The Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing (H.I.M.) facility in Winston-Salem, North Carolina is employing more than 500 people and produces a variety of nutritional products, including powders, such as the flagship Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix; liquids, such as the Herbal Aloe Concentrate; and teas, such as Herbal Tea Concentrate.

But even though we have a high focus on technology and manufacturing, giving back and supporting our local community is equally important for us.

Manufacturing with a Human Perspective

The Herbalife Nutrition team at Winston-Salem aspires for quality, innovation, and compassion. Since our opening five years ago, we were able to expand our team tremendously and provide equitable and generous Human Resources services and talent development that is so critical to our thriving work environment. I believe our biggest responsibility has been to make Herbalife Nutrition a great place to work, and we’ve been able to achieve just that.

With a facility that’s close to 800,000 square feet in Norwest Carolina, Herbalife Nutrition Winston-Salem has state-of-the-art technology. It’s easy to feel wowed as you first walk through the doors. It’s no wonder that our distributors when reaching a certain milestone, get rewarded with a tour of the facilities and the chance to meet the people who make the magic happen and allow them to permanently have high-quality products to run their business.

The strong culture of giving back and philanthropy at Herbalife Nutrition Winston-Salem is deeply ingrained in our DNA. By consciously enabling our employees and distributors to give back, whether that’s through providing paid time to dedicate to volunteering activities, or through solidifying partnerships with the community, our company drives local giving.

Winston-Salem’s Local Giving Initiatives

We pride ourselves on modeling a culture of respect, servant leadership, and vibrant collaborations. Incorporating those values in day-to-day work is critical for our success. We always do what’s right and we do it as a team. And what’s right is having a positive footprint in the community. We’re not just creating jobs; we are trying to make an impact. Here is how we do it:

Through these evolving partnerships, we have become an integral part of a healthy and thriving community in Winston-Salem. We care about those people and places in our community that need our help the most.

We encourage you to find what you like to do and channel that passion into volunteering and community initiatives. We hope that our Herbalife Nutrition model for giving back is inspiring others to become positive change-makers in their local communities.