Sharing Life: Why Blood Donation Matters

Blood donation is a public health matter that deserves our full attention: 1 in 7 people entering a hospital needs blood and each year more than 15 million pints of blood are transfused in the United States. The crucial point is that blood is scarce and cannot be artificially produced, which is why making a donation is a paramount humanitarian action.

To raise awareness for the need for new and repeat blood donors, Herbalife Nutrition has joined the American Red Cross in its #MissingType blood donation campaign focusing on the need for all blood types (A, B and O).   Our purpose at Herbalife Nutrition is to help make the world healthier and happier, and so we will be proudly supporting this initiative by removing the letters A, B, and O from our logo online and through social media.

Our team is also sponsoring a Sleeves Up! virtual blood drive to encourage our independent distributors, customers and their networks to commit to blood donation throughout their communities, as well as hosting in-person corporate blood drives for employees in the U.S. on the following dates and locations:

Since 2006, Herbalife Nutrition has proudly partnered with the American Red Cross by supporting global disaster relief events and providing our protein bars for donation. By September 2018, nearly 850,000 bars will have been donated to 120 Red Cross blood donation service centers across the U.S. Blood contains 30 to 40 grams of protein per pint, and having a protein bar after giving blood can help replace the protein lost during donation.

We’ve also supported the American Red Cross by sponsoring numerous blood drives, that combined with the donations collected on the Herbalife Nutrition Blood Mobile canvassing Southern California, will have potentially saved 25,000 lives.  Additionally, Herbalife Nutrition executive Dr. Kristy Appelhans, Senior Director, Global Post-Market Medical Surveillance, currently holds a seat on the Los Angeles Regional Board of Directors and Herbalife has held a board seat since 2010.

When you donate blood, you are contributing to someone’s healthcare needs during a critical, perhaps life-threatening moment.  Giving just one pint can save up to three lives; however, less than 10% of the population eligible to donate blood does so annually, according to the American Red Cross.  So please join us in making a meaningful contribution. It is a simple process with a very rewarding outcome—the possibility to make positive, life-changing impacts for people in need.

John Agwunobi, M.D., MBA, MPH – Co-President and Chief Health & Nutrition Officer

John AgwunobiM.D., MBA, MPH – Co-President and Chief Health & Nutrition Officer

Dr. Agwunobi holds an MPH from Johns Hopkins and an MBA from Georgetown University. He completed his pediatric residency at Howard University and is currently a licensed physician in Florida and Maryland. In previous roles, he served as senior vice president and president of health and wellness for Walmart, as well as Assistant Secretary of Health for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.