A Commitment to Building It Better

The traditional workplace is evolving. While technology has allowed us to work from anywhere, employees are seeking meaningful work within a culture that celebrates collaboration, values, and authenticity. This shift also affects the way companies do business.

I was thrilled to join Herbalife Nutrition because of its culture and emphasis on company values.

Where It All Began

I wanted to be a corporate attorney even before I entered law school, so I focused both my law school and MBA curricula on international business. I was very lucky that my very first job out of school was with a large defense contractor as an in-house corporate attorney working on international compliance matters. I loved the work and never wanted to do anything else.

I really enjoy connecting with people and finding fun, creative ways to improve awareness and help others understand the importance of ethics and compliance.

Rewarding Work

I find several aspects of developing a global compliance program rewarding. First, because compliance programs include many processes for reviews, approvals, testing and so forth, I enjoy making sure processes are as efficient, effective, and easy to understand as possible. From my past work in-house and working for firms I have found that if ethics and compliance processes are clear, easy to follow, and help is easily accessible, employees will not be tempted to cut corners.

Second, my experience with a wide variety of companies and industries, as well as best practices across different companies, has given me a repertoire of ideas to bring to my position at Herbalife Nutrition and has helped me benchmark much more effectively.

Like so many here at Herbalife Nutrition, I am very busy! The biggest reward of coming to work has definitely been the people and the culture. We have a fantastic Ethics & Compliance team (or “ECO”) in Los Angeles, Brazil, India, and China. We also have our Global Compliance Team (GCT) members in South and Central Americas, Mexico, throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, and China. Each team consists of one attorney from Herbalife Nutrition’s legal department from each region to provide support to ECO’s initiatives.

Julia Bailey and the ECO team

The GCT has been a great support for people in other departments, that while they may not report to me, their roles include supporting ECO. We also have the support of the Ambassadors Program, which consists of employees from every region who volunteer their time to support ECO’s global initiatives. This is just an extension of our company’s culture – established by our senior leaders – to always do what’s right, to work together, and to build it better.

How We’re Building It Better

My hope is that the GCT team can continue to build on the momentum that our senior leaders and others have created. We are going to try to do that in a number of different ways, such as:

At its core, a compliance program is not simply a set of internal controls or policies or procedures. It is values. It is people. What drives me to come to work every morning is more than refining a policy or tweaking a particular accounting control; it’s working with wonderful colleagues at Herbalife Nutrition to uphold our values.

The ethics and compliance landscape today is challenging and complex, but as my experience here has shown, with a strong commitment to build it better, these challenges can be met.