From Sciences to Nutrition Security

I am honored to be part of the International Congress of Nutrition 2017 (ICN) in Buenos Aires. Every four years since 1946, the top experts in the field have come together to share knowledge and advance the science of nutrition.

This year, the program’s theme is “From Sciences to Nutrition Security.” It covers a wide range of topics, including:

What I look forward to most—besides the presentations—are the conversations with old friends and new connections. ICN is one of the best ways I’ve found to expand my professional network. Plus, I always come away with a new level of motivation, great ideas, important contacts and helpful collaboration opportunities.

As a nutritionist, my life’s mission is to help others eat as well as possible so they can continue their healthy, active lifestyle. I’m especially fortunate to be a part of the Dietitian Advisory Board for Herbalife Nutrition because it allows me to amplify the message for thousands of people. It also allows me to work closely with an upcoming generation of nutritionists, most notably, the recipient of the Herbalife Nutrition Student Award.

Why the Herbalife Nutrition Student Award Matters

The Herbalife Student award is a way to foster the development of scientific research in Brazil by recognizing talented and driven undergraduate students who specialize in one of four areas: clinical nutrition, nutrition and public health, experimental nutrition and sports nutrition. Part of my role in the program allowed me to visit our country’s major universities and meet many of the students and their supervisors.

I believe the Student Award program is essential to supporting young minds in their pursuit of building a career in the field of nutrition and public health. Brazil has few resources for research and science, and this opportunity is uniquely motivating because it encourages undergraduate students to continue their studies and advocates for improving our country’s overall research profile. These promising young professionals will make everything better for us as nutritionists, and for the world.