John Agwunobi
Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

John DeSimone

Our mission at Herbalife Nutrition is a simple one – to change people’s lives. And as a global nutrition company in more than 90 markets, we have an opportunity to make a lasting impact in communities around the world and drive sustainable growth in our business by helping people become healthier.

We recognize that with that opportunity comes a responsibility – we must ensure we offer the highest quality products and provide our distributors with the best technology so they can continue to provide a high-touch, personalized experience to their customers and build sustainable businesses with tools and resources provided by the company’s global team of experts.

And this is why we’re continuing to invest in bringing innovative new products to market quickly, leveraging technology to benefit our distributors and customers, and above all else, focusing on the power of personalization.

Personalized Nutrition Experience

Achieving a nutrition goal is very personal and unique to the individual. Living a healthy lifestyle means different things to different people. We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach and that an educated and trained distributor, who is face-to-face with their customers providing a personalized experience along with nutrition and fitness advice, is what differentiates us from other nutrition companies. This is our “Distributor Difference” – helping each customer achieve results by incorporating the right food choices, exercise and proper nutrition products – all supported by a community of like-minded people who share the journey to live a healthier life.  This support is invaluable and is the key to our strategy of social selling that helps drive a lasting impact on their customer’s overall wellness and health.

Because nutrition is complex and results are better achieved with the support of a community, our products are available exclusively through a distributor who can help create a personalized approach for their customer. This method of social selling – which is based on personal, trusted relationships – is fundamental to what our distributors do since our inception nearly 40 years ago, and is an essential component in helping our customers lead a healthier life. We know that social selling through one-on-one relationships is particularly effective in the nutrition industry, as 70% of people say a strong support system is critical to achieving their diet goals. While 14% of people say that healthcare professionals were the number one factor in selecting an eating pattern and diet, roughly two times as many people said they rely on friends or family as the number one factor to select an eating pattern or a diet.

These statistics demonstrate the power of social selling in a complex industry like nutrition and wellness, and the effectiveness of building businesses based on personal relationships. That’s what’s exciting to us, and what we see as a huge opportunity going forward.

Product Development

Today, the wellness industry exceeds $100 billion. Global consumers are now factoring wellness into their daily decisions and looking for innovative, healthy products more than ever before, and this profound shift is driving powerful growth for companies like ours. Our reputation and product strength have positioned us well to capitalize on this growing opportunity.

One of the ways we are doing this is by meeting customers’ nutrition needs with our unique product development strategy and an ever-expanding product portfolio. There’s a process that goes into each product we create, and they all start with a foundation rooted in science – which we call our Global Nutrition Philosophy. We strongly believe that balanced and personalized nutrition supports a healthy, active lifestyle. Eating the right foods, augmenting a healthy diet with the right nutrients and exercising regularly are key to success, and we work with our scientists to create products that fit squarely into this philosophy.

In terms of product innovation, the single-most important source of our ideas is our distributors. There is no better resource for understanding consumer demand than our distributors who are engaged in their communities, coaching their customers, and listening to their needs. These small business owners who are passionate about helping others with the highest quality nutrition products are what differentiates us from other nutrition companies.

In addition, we have a strong presence in markets all over the world and are constantly learning from different communities and cultures, identifying gaps in the market as well as solutions to directly address what customers are asking for. With our world-class team of doctors and scientists, and our five manufacturing facilities around the world, we are able to create and manufacture products that our customers want and need and that adhere to our high standard of quality and efficacy.

The strategy and processes we have in place to develop new products are significant contributors to Herbalife Nutrition’s growth and success. The investments we’ve made in globalizing our supply chain and infrastructure combined with our intense focus on innovation and quality further accelerate our momentum.

Leveraging Technology

When it comes to our distributors, scalability is key. It is critical for distributors to efficiently service as many customers as possible while staying connected with each and every one.

In order to help meet the unique needs of each of their customers, Herbalife Nutrition is investing in technology to help our entrepreneurs build and grow their businesses quickly and successfully. Our tools and applications are designed to maintain an efficient high-touch experience in an increasingly high-tech environment. By collaborating with our distributors, we’re able to ensure that we are developing the right tools to support a connected and seamless experience between the distributor and customer.

Looking Ahead

Today, Herbalife Nutrition is recognized worldwide for our leading health and nutrition products and differentiated approach to addressing customer needs. By continuing to launch new products, leveraging technology and increasing our focus on a personalized nutrition approach, we are well-positioned to achieve growth for years to come.

And we’re just getting started.