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Dr. Qun Zheng

Chairman of the Herbalife Group, China
Dr. Qun Zheng

Dr. Zheng is Chairman of the Herbalife Group (China). He is responsible for all business, strategy, sales and marketing functions across China, helping the Company’s development and leading position in the field of nutrition products in China. Dr. Zheng exemplifies the Company’s innovative spirit and leads the Company’s efforts to positively impact the lives of the Chinese people, helping them live healthy active lifestyles.

A leading expert in the field of extraction and processing of natural compounds for use in food, supplements and pharmaceuticals, Dr. Zheng joined Herbalife Nutrition in 2010 as vice president in Natural Product Manufacturing. He led the Company’s “Seed to Feed” strategy in China and opened the Herbalife Innovation and Manufacturing (HIM) botanical extraction facility in 2012. In 2015, Dr. Zheng assumed responsibility for worldwide research, development and scientific affairs, overseeing botanical developments and innovations across all markets worldwide.

Dr. Zheng is a national expert on the “Thousand Talents Program” in China; standing director of China Globalization Think Tank (CCG); distinguished expert on “Hundred Talents Project” in Hunan Province; and member of the Second Academician Advisory Committee of Experts in Hunan Province.

Before joining Herbalife Nutrition, Dr. Zheng was Founder, Chairman and CEO of NatSource Chemicals Corporation, with which Herbalife Nutrition formed a joint venture to build its extraction facility in Changsha. Prior, Dr. Zheng was President and Chief Executive Officer of Pure World, Inc., a publicly traded U.S. company, and president of Kent Financial Investments and Kent Investment Holding Company. He started his career as a senior chemist at Houser Chemicals, working on natural products for anti-cancer drug research and development.

Dr. Zheng holds a Ph.D. degree in Organic Chemistry Engineering from Hunan University of China, a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Colorado and a postdoctoral fellow at Cornell University in New York. He is also a Distinguished Professor at Hunan University, Central South University and Hunan University of Chinese Medicine. He has published several books and has more than 20 U.S. and International patents.

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