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Guansheng Ma

Ph.D. – Member, Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board
Guansheng Ma

Dr. Guansheng Ma is a member of the Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board as well as a Professor at the National Institute for Nutrition and Food Safety at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He also serves as the Vice President for the China Nutrition Society and is an active member of the State Food and Nutrition Consultation Committee, China.

Dr. Ma is a highly productive investigator, with 43 research projects funded from National Nature Science Foundation, Ministry of Science and Technology, as well as international organizations including UNICEF, WHO, IAEA, and FAO. He’s published 77 articles in international peer-reviewed journals and 197 articles in Chinese scientific journals. Dr. Ma has also published a series of reports on students’ nutrition as Editor-in-Chief.

Dr. Ma was named “Health Communication Fashion Figure” in 2013 by the sixth China Health annual list. He also earned the “Science Communication Person of the Year award” by The People’s Daily Health Times. He was named “Most Popular Expert” by Sina Health and won the first prize in Population for Nutrition Science in 2008-2010 from the Chinese Society of Nutrition.

Dr. Ma earned degrees from Shandong Medical University in Jinan, China and Shanghai Second Medical University. He completed postdoctoral training on nutrition and health at the University of Chapel Hill, NC, as well as behavioral training at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA. He earned his Ph.D. in Human Nutrition from the Wageningen University, Netherlands. Dr. Ma’s scientific interests include nutrition survey, nutrition intervention, and nutrition policy development. He is particularly interested in childhood obesity intervention.

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