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Joaquim Caetano

M.D. – Member, Herbalife Nutrition Advisory Board
Joaquim Caetano

Dr. Joaquim Caetano is a member of the Nutrition Advisory Board. He’s a Clinical Pathology specialist with a focus on sports medicine. Currently, he serves as the technical director of Medicil Laboratory, a private clinical lab. He’s also the clinical director of a team of doctors in sports medicine who provide support to health clubs and gyms.

Prior to this, Dr. Caetano was director of the Clinical Laboratory at Hospital Militar Principal, the Portuguese Army’s hospital. He still coordinates the integration of three Clinical Pathology Services for the Portuguese Navy, Air Force, and Army hospitals in the new Armed Forces Hospital. Since 2013, he has also served as director of Military Technical Cooperation with Angola in the field of Health.

Dr. Caetano has been the advisor for the Ministry of National Defense, General Directorate for Personnel and Military Recruitment, mainly as coordinator of an evaluation team for the Portuguese Disabled Military Armed Forces.

He has taught courses in physiology, physiopathology, immunology and laboratory techniques at the Faculdade de Ciências Médicas (Universidade Nova de Lisboa) and at Military Health Service School. He served as a military doctor in Mozambique for Portuguese troops during the United Nations Operation. He has also worked at the Hospital São Francisco Xavier in Lisbon. He earned his medical degree at Faculdade de Ciencias Medicas da Universidade Nova de Lisboa in 1985.

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