The Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE 2017), in Chicago, Illinois is an elite gathering of distinguished dietitians and others in the nutrition field and offers a rich opportunity to learn more about cutting-edge research and innovation.  As a nutritionist, diabetes educator and health coach, here are just a few of the panels I’m looking forward to attending:

Fiber’s Essentiality for the Microbiota and Health: Connecting the Dots

There’s so much we’re starting to understand about gut health and how it relates to the function of the human body and disease mitigation.  This session will review the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) definition of dietary fiber and cover new regulations on 25 newly approved added fibers.  It will also look at studies evaluating the health benefits of fermentable dietary fiber and its effects on intestinal microbiota.

Nutrigenomics: Is it Ready for Prime Time?

This new science explores the body’s individual response to nutrients.  We’re becoming more aware that our approach to nutritional guidance can no longer be “one size fits all.”  This session will review the scientific evidence, explain the benefits and limitations of genetic testing and describe criteria that can be used to determine the clinical validity and utility of consumer genetic tests for personalized nutrition.

Challenges in Understanding the Causes and Consequences of Obesity

At Herbalife Nutrition, we’re especially concerned about the obesity pandemic.  This panel frames obesity in the context of energy and how it’s consumed and released.  It will also examine the association between psycho-socio-economic factors and obesity, as well as genetic predisposition and environmental factors.

Promote Positive Outcomes in Patients with Gestational Diabetes with the Latest Nutrition Recommendations

As a diabetes educator, I’m especially drawn to learning all I can about gestational nutrition.  We’ll be looking at the most recent studies and best practices to monitor, evaluate and promote good overall health outcomes in our clients and patients with gestational diabetes.

I’m honored to be attending FNCE and look forward to applying key learnings to my work with Herbalife Nutrition.

Marien Garza

Marien GarzaR.D. – Member, Dietetic Advisory Board and Outer Nutrition Advisory Board

Marien Garza is a registered dietitian and a member of the Dietetic Advisory Board and the outer Nutrition Advisory Board. She has been a consultant for Herbalife Nutrition Mexico since 2014, helping train independent distributors and members on the importance of nutrition. Marien has participated in numerous research protocols and co-authored articles published in national and international journals. She is the author of three books on menopause, osteoporosis, and childhood obesity. She holds a Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences from the Iberoamerican University in Mexico, and a Diploma in Health Coaching from New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition.