As the head of nutrition policy here at Herbalife, my role blends science, policy and regulation; that’s why Michelle Obama’s recent announcement at the Partnership for a Healthier America meeting at the White House is important to my job at Herbalife and to the company in general.

The First Lady of the United States announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has a change in store for food and supplement labels. These changes will appear on food and supplement products over the next couple years and they are intended to help consumers make informed choices about what they’re eating. New labeling requirements have been approved and these include some important updates that reflect current consumer behavior and our evolving understanding of nutrition science.

The changes that impact consumers the most are reflected in a revised Nutrition Facts (and Supplement Facts) panel – the main area of the label that includes the relevant nutritional information for products.

The Changes

This is the first update to the label since 2006, when Trans Fat was added, and manufacturers will need to implement the new label by July 2018.

We support these changes and applaud the FDA for making this timely update.