One of the many reasons I enjoy the work I do is because there is always more to learn—we continue to discover more about the human body and how it’s affected by what we consume.  The Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo (FNCE), the largest gathering of nutrition experts in the nation, is a perfect example of how dedicated Herbalife Nutrition is to being a part of the larger discussion surrounding nutrition.

This year, the conference takes a close look at the final regulation on nutrient labeling released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  One of the sessions will focus specifically on the new definition of dietary fiber written in the regulation and its impact to the industry on future product development.  In addition, we’ll talk and learn about how to offer guidance to consumers when educating them on incorporating dietary fiber into their eating pattern.  While the FDA announced a delay in implementation of the final rule until 2020, the discussion on dietary fiber definition is expected to continue.

At FNCE, we’ll also take a deeper look at a topic that most people wouldn’t normally connect with how we eat: the invention of the light bulb.  This groundbreaking discovery brought in a new age of productivity, but also shifted our circadian alignment, which in turn affects our metabolic health.  Learning more about how sleep disruption distorts meals can help us adopt healthier eating and sleeping rhythms.  We used to think, “your stomach doesn’t know what time it is,” meaning that when you ate didn’t matter nearly as much as what you ate, particularly as it relates to body weight.  But new research seems to suggest that timing does matter, and it isn’t just about weight management, but other metabolic diseases as well.  Just as our “caveman” genes have programmed us to store as much fat as we can (and are maladaptive in modern times with our sedentary lifestyles and too much food), those same genes may also be maladaptive when it comes to our modern eating patterns, which are not in sync with our circadian rhythms.  Given that we really are a 24/7 society, I believe the implications for this are important.

Dietitians and nutrition scientists from Herbalife Nutrition will be at the FNCE e xpo hall (booth #526) to share some of our perspectives on a range of topics – such as how to help consumers build nutritious meals easily – and innovative recipes to pack protein into meals and snacks.  I’m proud to represent Herbalife Nutrition at FNCE and share with fellow dietitians our purpose and work to make the world healthier and happier.

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Susan Bowerman

Susan BowermanM.S., R.D., CSSD, CSOWM, FAND – Sr. Director, Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training

Susan Bowerman is the senior director of Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife. She also serves as the Vice Chair of the Dietetic Advisory Board (DAB). As a registered dietitian, she educates distributors about our global nutrition philosophy and is responsible for developing nutrition education and training materials. Bowerman earned a B.S. in Biology with distinction from the University of Colorado and an M.S. in Food Science and Nutrition from Colorado State University. She is a fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and holds two board certifications as a specialist in Sports Dietetics and in Obesity and Weight Management. When she is not busy teaching and writing, Susan enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and gardening. Her favorite Herbalife products include Simply Probiotic and Herbalife Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix Banana Caramel.