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Through our ongoing work with partner organizations, nonprofits, and trusted leaders in nutrition, sports, and public health, we are nourishing the potential in everyone in a variety of ways.

Our Partners

WFP USA is the recognized leader in America’s pursuit to end global hunger. Consistent with the mission of the UN World Food Programme, World Food Program USA works with US policymakers, corporations, foundations, and individuals to help provide financial and in-kind resources and develop policies needed to alleviate global hunger.

The Global FoodBanking Network supports community-driven solutions to alleviate hunger in nearly 50 countries. They accelerate the development of food banks and demonstrate how to run them with local leaders.

Feed the Children provides food, education initiatives, essentials and disaster response globally to help children and their families be independent and self-reliant.

The Hunger Project is a global, nonprofit organization committed to the sustainable end of world hunger.

The U.S. African Development Foundation is an independent U.S. government agency established by Congress to invest directly in African grassroots enterprises and social entrepreneurs. USADF’s investments increase incomes, revenues, and jobs by promoting self-reliance and market-based solutions to poverty.

Asociacion Mexicana de Bancos de Alimentos (BAMX) is a nonprofit and non-partisan CSO (Civil Society Organization), their network is made up of 55 Food Banks that provide food to families, communities and institutions that need it most as well as improving food and nutrition in Mexico.

The Chinese Red Cross Foundation is a leading public fundraising organization under the Chinese Red Cross Society, focusing on medical-aid, life and health protection, livelihood improvement and promoting the peace and development of the world.

National Hispanic Council on Aging is a leading organization working to improve the lives of Hispanic older adults, their families and their caregivers.

Village Book Builders is a nonprofit organization committed to ending the cycle of poverty around the world through education. Village Book Builders receives funding for their educational initiatives through their socially responsible partnerships with corporations.

Chrysalis is dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals by providing the resources and support to find and retain employment.

Plastic Bank empowers Ocean Stewards to stop ocean plastic. Their ethical collection communities exchange plastic for life-improving benefits. Exchanges are recorded through a blockchain-secured platform that enables traceable collection, secures income, and verifies reporting. Collected material is processed into Social Plastic®️ feedstock for reuse in products and packaging.

The Power of Nutrition is a charitable foundation that raises money and creates partnerships to advance the fight against malnutrition in Africa and Asia.

“Feed the Children is proud to partner with Herbalife Nutrition to address the important issue of childhood hunger. The problem cannot be tackled alone. We know that when we combine our efforts, we will have a greater impact on the lives of families who need us most around the world.”

Travis Arnold
President and CEO,
Feed the Children

"With the support of USADF and Herbalife Nutrition, Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited has been able to distribute 9,000 servings of nutritious foods, provide nutrition training, and increase its reach of smallholder farmers to 4,000 newly registered farmers."

Eric Muthomi
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Stawi Foods and Fruits Limited

“We are expecting more partners like Herbalife Nutrition to join us, leveraging the ever-changing digital network technology to create excellent training programs that can be replicated, promoted and normalized, effectively improve the service capabilities of grassroots medical staff, accelerate the construction of rural public health system, and achieve the grand goal of healthy China as soon as possible.”

Jia Xin, Deputy Head of the Disaster Relief Division,
Chinese Red Cross Foundation
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