We are thrilled to have been recognized with four awards from China’s Quality Inspection Association (CAQI), the country’s most prestigious organization on product quality. CAQI is a national non-profit organization that is made up of product quality and quality inspection institutes and professionals, supervised by the State Administration of Market Regulation.

This year, we were recognized in the following categories:

National Award for Enterprises Demonstrating Quality and Integrity in Products and Services

This award recognizes companies that deliver outstanding performance in fulfilling their commitments to product safety and quality and to customer services.

National Award for Consistent Production of Qualified Products based on Quality Inspection

This award recognizes products that consistently meet the requirements of the annual quality inspections conducted by CAQI.

China Quality Awards

National Award for Leading Enterprise on Quality and Integrity

This award recognizes companies that make quality a priority by investing in cutting-edge technology for manufacturing and testing, thus raising the industry’s quality standards.

National Award for the Leading Quality Brand in Health Foods Industry

This award recognizes companies that deliver solid performance in ensuring their products’ quality, in addition to championing the culture of product quality in the health foods industry.

These awards are an important recognition and endorsement of the company’s commitment to quality. China has been a vital component to Herbalife Nutrition’s “Seed to Feed” strategy as we operate three Herbalife Innovation & Manufacturing (HIM) facilities in this country. Our soon-to-be-established Product Innovation Center in Shanghai is just another example of how we are continuously working to build it better, championing innovation.

Our commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious, and science-backed products to our distributors and customers has never been stronger.

We would like to recognize Ruiping Dong, Vice President of External Affairs, and Philip Guo, Vice President and General Manager of China Manufacturing, who were key to us receiving these prestigious awards.