Introducing Our New Savory Snack Alternative: Protein Chips
* This product is currently available only in Belgium, Romania, Netherlands, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, UK, and Ireland.

As health-conscious consumers, we are increasingly becoming more knowledgeable and aware of what we put in our bodies. As a result, we are making more educated food choices and demanding more from our food suppliers. We know what kind of foods we want, and we expect the brands that we trust to deliver.

This sophistication, paired with evolving lifestyles and needs, has resulted in a surge in the healthy snacks category. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global healthy snacks market size was valued at $78 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $108 billion by 2027.

However, the meaning of “healthy snack” has changed throughout the years. Consumers want food that is healthy, but also indulgent, where good taste remains essential. As a global nutrition company, we’ve been providing great-tasting, science-backed, nutritious products for over 40 years, so it made sense for us to expand our current offer in the healthy snacks category.

Herbalife Nutrition Protein Chips

Providing Healthier Snack Alternatives for Consumers

Nutrition is personal: no two wellness journeys are the same. We strive to provide a range of nutritious products that allow our independent distributors to personalize their customers’ meal plans to meet their particular nutrition needs and taste preferences.

A crucial part of this has to do with offering variety and choice. If people have the opportunity to choose from a wide collection of flavors, formats, and convenient presentations, staying on track with their nutrition regimen becomes easier.

One of the pillars of our product philosophy includes expanding our product offerings so consumers have more nutritious food options throughout the day. We have sweet snacks that are a great source of protein, such as our Protein Bars (10g of protein), Protein Bites (4g of protein), and Achieve Bars (20g of protein). However, our distributors have been requesting more savory snack products.

As coaches, distributors are the ones who know our customers best since their business revolves around helping others reach their wellness goals. Based on those valuable insights and broader market research, we developed a new product: Herbalife Nutrition Protein Chips.*

What Makes Protein Chips Different?

Our Protein Chips snack has 50 percent less fat than fried potato chips because we never fry them: we pop them with heat to give a savory taste and satisfying crunch. The “popping” process happens as the protein pellet is exposed to high pressure and high temperatures which makes the product expand and pop like popcorn or rice cakes.

Snacking on Herbalife Protein Chips with a friend

Additionally, our protein chips have five times more protein compared to fried potato chips, which can help our customers meet their daily protein goals.

To provide vegan/vegetarian plant-based foods alternative to soy, we use pea protein to make our chips. Pea protein supplies adequate amounts of 8 of the 9 essential amino acids that a healthy body requires.

Protein Chips is a delicious and nutritious savory snack available in two great flavors: Barbecue and Sour Cream & Onion.

Barbecue Protein Chips

Sour Cream Protein Chips 

We’re excited to be giving more options for our consumers and looking forward to helping our customers have a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle.