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Nutritional Supplements

Nutrition is complex and personal: every customer has a unique set of nutritional needs that may evolve over time. For this reason, we developed a vast portfolio of dietary supplements, encompassing solutions for heart health, digestive health, immunity, and more. Customers around the world use these targeted nutrition products to supplement their diets every day.

Targeted Nutrition for Diverse Wellness Needs

Proper nutrition is important at any age for a healthy and fulfilling life. Whatever your stage in life, our specialized nutrition products give you the right balance of essential nutrients to help you enjoy a lifetime of good health.

Heart Health

Support heart health and maintain cardiovascular wellness* with our Heart Health line, endorsed by Dr. Lou Ignarro**. Our popular Heart Health supplements include Niteworks, Herbalifeline, Core Complex, CoQ10 Plus, Tri-Shield, and Mega Garlic Plus.

Healthy Aging and Brain Health

It’s never too early to support healthy aging and brain function. Our Healthy Aging products, such as Joint Support Advanced and Ocular Defense Formula, are formulated to help keep you looking and feeling great no matter what age you are. Similarly, MemoryArmor is specially formulated with bacopa and B vitamins to support short-term memory recall and promote cognitive resilience as you age*.

Digestive Health

Our Digestive Health products offer ingredients to support healthy digestion and elimination and help relieve occasional indigestion, so your internal system runs smoothly every day*. These include Simply Probiotic, Active Fiber Complex, and our aloe products.

Immune Support

Your immune system protects your health 24-hours a day. Too much stress, a poor diet, or too little sleep can compromise your immune system. Our Immune Health products, such as Immunity Essentials, Best Defense, RoseGuard, and Schizandra Plus, help support your natural defenses year-round.*

Quality Ingredients You Can Trust

Whatever your need, all of our products go through the highest standards of quality and testing.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

**Dr. Lou Ignarro is a scientific advisor to Herbalife Nutrition and receives compensation for his endorsement of Herbalife Nutrition products.

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