To be granted a quality certification once has its merit but requalifying for it throughout 16 consecutive years speaks to a sustained commitment to high standards. Once again, Herbalife Nutrition Taiwan received the Symbol of National Quality (SNQ) endorsement, a well-known certification for wellness and health supplements.

The SNQ is given by the Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, and its purpose is to let consumers know which products meet top safety and quality standards.

SNQ Logo

Products certified with the SNQ designation are evaluated by a panel of Taiwan-based scholars and experts – including doctors, professors, and scientists – against a number of scientific, efficacy, and strict quality criteria.

Herbalife Nutrition Taiwan has now received the SNQ certification for 18 products, including:

The SNQ certification reflects our company’s commitment to providing the highest quality products to our distributors and customers. We are dedicated to developing innovative, effective products that are based on proven nutrition science and comply with only the top research, development, and manufacturing standards in the industry.

I’d like to recognize the amazing team whose efforts led us to receive this endorsement: