As a global company present in more than 90 countries, high-quality standards are at the heart of every product we make. From sourcing the ingredients to the final package, rigorous tests and reviews are performed to ensure we deliver great-tasting, science-backed, effective products to our customers.

The validation from reputed, independent third-parties of the quality of our products and ingredients is something we take great pride in. We are thrilled that Herbalife Nutrition’s Formula 1 meal replacement shake received once again the Healthier Choice logo, which recognizes food products that are low in sugar, fat, and sodium, thus contributing to a reduced risk of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

Healthier Choice Logo

Unhealthy eating behaviors – such as overconsumption of food with excessive contents of sugar, sodium, and/or fat – are the fundamental factors that cause NCDs such as hypertension, diabetes, coronary heart disease, and kidney failure.

Nutrition facts labeling on food packages are there to inform consumers on how many calories and nutrients are available in a particular food product. However, many consumers do not know how to interpret nutrition facts information or do not have sufficient time to review while shopping.

Some government agencies and authoritative scientific bodies have already created systems and tools to help raise consumers’ awareness of the calories and nutrition qualities of food products. For instance, specific logos on food labels can help consumers make simple and informed decisions while shopping under time pressure.

Healthier Choice Logo_F1

The Healthier Choice logo is granted and supported by four Thai government agencies:

The Healthier Choice criteria used for each food category are established according to the technical guidance of the sub-committee on the development and promotion of a simplified nutrition labeling. Afterward, the guidance must be approved by the Thai National Strategic Steering Committee on nutrition for a better quality of life, under the National Food Committee and conform with the Public Health Ministry Notification on food labeling.

We plan to continue working closely with a cross-functional team ­– Marketing, Research, and Development, Quality Assurance – to ensure our Formula 1 products continue to meet the requirements to be considered a healthier choice.

I’d like to thank Vipada Sae-Lao, Senior manager, Nutrition and Regulatory Affair, and Product Compliance. Her work and effort were crucial in us getting this recognition.

Healthier Choice Logo_ceremony