We always have high hopes for every new product we launch. We work hard – through scientific research, high-quality manufacturing, and market insights – to put out products that consumers will like, incorporate into their daily routine, and ultimately get results from.

We feel honored to have our efforts recognized with the “Product of the Year,” an innovation award in the Protein Nutrition category for Tri Blend Select, Herbalife Nutrition’s first 100% vegan protein shake. The award is granted by the Product of the Year organization, which is present in 40 countries, and this year, it is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Spain.

Product of the year_logo

This year’s award was based on a survey of 10,000 consumers and rigorous evaluation from 100 experts. Customers evaluated products based on innovation and their purchase intention while experts evaluated for taste, aroma, texture, packaging, efficacy, and value for money.

Tri Blend Select, currently offered in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, is special because it is a nutritious shake with high-quality ingredients that meet consumers’ demand for vegan products using alternative protein sources.

Tri Blend Select_Product of the year

Tri Blend Select embodies everything that Herbalife Nutrition is passionate about: social responsibility, advanced nutrition, and best-in-class products. We are grateful and proud as this award demonstrates consumer trust in our products and brand.

I would like to thank Yolanda Abad (Marketing Manager), Angel Chamorro (Product Specialist), and Carlos Mañoso (Communications Coordinator) for their hard work and commitment that made it possible for us to obtain this award.