How many people do you know look for clean labels on the products they buy? Whether it’s cruelty-free makeup or chocolate that’s fair-trade certified, the tide is moving toward clean labels and definitely shows no signs of slowing down.

According to a recent study, consumers are increasingly making purchase decisions based on labels that promote higher-welfare practices, particularly animal welfare. The rise of veganism is a clear example of this.

But when you care as much about climate change and animal welfare as you do about the food that nourishes your body, you’re often forced to compromise on taste and quality.

Well, not anymore.

A Planet-Friendly Alternative

Tri Blend Select is a complete protein shake blend that’s 100 percent uncompromising: it is made up of naturally-sourced, organic, and wholefood ingredients. This product has been formulated to increase fiber and protein intake while also offering key vitamins and minerals and delicious flavors. Furthermore, Tri Blend Select contains a unique combination of pea, quinoa, and flax seed as part of a premium protein blend that provides all the essential amino acids found in a complete protein.

The communities we work with have been farming in the same areas and in the same way for hundreds of years. Tri Blend Select is the product of expert knowledge from farmers who not only grow the very best produce but also nurture the land and protect the environment.

As a result, local habitats are respected and protected, while pesticides and fertilizers are kept to a minimum. That means the land can continue to yield healthy produce and support future generations.

Tri-Blend Select Coffee Caramel

Organic, Natural Ingredients

From the dense jungles of Colombia to the Canadian prairie, the Tri Blend Select story is woven together by the people, the places, and the philosophy that make it so unique. We scoured the planet to source the best possible grade of every single ingredient:


Pea protein is easily digested and has a lower allergy risk than common protein sources, such as soy and dairy. Peas have been cultivated in France for thousands of years, which is why we source our peas there. The centuries-long pea production experience, coupled with that famous French gastronomic air, means that our naturally-sourced French peas are simply fantastique.

Flax seed

Traditionally used to relieve abdominal discomfort, flax seed has hidden superpowers: it’s high in alpha-linolenic acids (one of the heart-friendly omega-3 fatty acids) and rich in protein, fiber, and minerals like phosphorus, which works with calcium to build bone strength. When cultivated in a northern climate, the alpha-linolenic fatty acid content and iodine value of the flax seed are turbo-charged, which is why we source our brown organic flax seeds from Canada.


Quinoa is highly nutritious and richer in protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals than other grains. Plus, it’s gluten-free! We work with family farms in Colombia, which have been growing this nutritious plant for generations.

Their commitment results in what we consider one of the world’s highest-quality quinoa. These three are the main proteins that makeup Tri Blend Select, but the mix also includes high-quality, locally sourced ingredients such as coconut blossom nectar, chicory root inulin, rice protein powder, oat, acerola cherry, and stevia.

Tri Blend Select embodies everything that we at Herbalife Nutrition are passionate about: social responsibility, advanced nutrition, and best-in-class products.

Here’s a recipe you can try at home:

Tri Blend Select Recipe