Balancing a Small Business with Motherhood

Valentina EchavarriaHerbalife Nutrition Independent Distributor

As most parents do, my mom and dad have always encouraged me to work hard and follow my heart. They in turn inspired me with their dedication to family and their efforts in building their Herbalife Nutrition business. These lessons helped prepare me for starting my own small business and balancing the demands of being a first-time mom.

The inspiration

As a child, I spent countless hours with my parents at their nutrition club – the location where they ran their business and provided personalized nutrition and support to their customers. Not only did they have the flexibility to bring me to work, they were able to set their own schedules so they didn’t miss out on school performances, parent-teacher conferences and other important moments. I also witnessed firsthand how they helped their customers and community by establishing a place where people felt welcomed, where they could enjoy good nutrition, and where they made new friends. Now as an adult, I appreciate all that they achieved while being their own bosses – and this is what inspired me to open my own nutrition club.

The community

I set out to create a space where members of my community would feel welcome – regardless of age or fitness level. I’m proud to see the positive impact my nutrition club has made in my community – we’re providing quality nutrition and a place where people can support each other on their path toward a healthier, happier life. It’s a privilege for me to be part of their journey.

The communication

Social media allows me to stay connected to my customers and fellow distributors throughout the day. I have a Facebook group for the nutrition club where customers post pictures of their favorite shakes and tag their friends. I use Instagram for daily motivation and to share my meals, customer results and testimonials. I also use group chats to keep my customers and fellow distributors focused and motivated toward their own, unique goals – whether that’s maintaining a healthy weight or building their business, I want them to know I am there for them every step of the way.

The rewards

As a first-time mom, I wasn’t sure how I’d be able to continue my business while balancing the needs of my son. The best thing about Herbalife Nutrition is that I have the flexibility to make my own schedule and bring him with me to the club – just like my parents did with me. Having the freedom to spend time with my son throughout the day is the most rewarding thing about my business.