Teams do not win championships by winning a single game.

Teams win championships through months and years of preparation. Athletes face grueling workouts and practice schedules, study their opponents’ tactics and maintain a strict and healthy diet. The Millonarios Fútbol Club from Bogota, Colombia is one of these championship teams and a well-established franchise that has won the Colombian Professional Fútbol League, Categoría Primera A, 15 times.

As a proud sponsor of Millonarios F.C. since 2016, Herbalife Nutrition is committed to helping the team maximize the performance of their players through optimized nutrition.  This partnership presents a unique opportunity to use our tools and resources to improve sports performance and help them achieve their goals.

And as I discovered during my summer internship with the sports marketing team, this is how Herbalife Nutrition approaches all their partnerships – identifying opportunities to educate, inform and support these elite athletes so they can perform on the field.

From working with our sports nutritionist, Dr. Dana Ryan, to better understand how our products support the nutritional needs of professional athletes, to collaborating on events to do product training and improve product strategy with the local sponsored athletes and teams, Herbalife Nutrition is committed to supporting the performance of our sponsored athletes and teams. In fact, an additional idea of connecting our sponsored teams was inspired by the Millonarios staff’s visit to the Herbalife Nutrition sponsored Performance Center Proactive Performance in Santa Ana. The Herbalife Nutrition Team is working on bringing F.C. Millonarios athletes to Proactive for training camps, rehabilitation, and to connect with our sponsored athletes from different regions.

Before heading back to Colombia, the staff visited the local Herbalife Nutrition Innovation and Manufacturing facility in Lake Forest, CA. Here, they were able to observe the science behind Herbalife Nutrition products and meet some of the staff that makes this process work. The Millonarios staff was able to learn about the quality control processes and understand the mission behind our “Seed to Feed” initiative.

I’m fortunate to have spent my summer learning the importance of establishing authentic partnerships and to witness first-hand how Herbalife Nutrition is supporting the unique needs of these elite athletes through good nutrition.