Lifestyle changes are harder than people realize. Following an exercise plan, eating healthier, or building a small business takes effort, commitment, and dedication – which can be especially difficult for those trying to achieve success alone.

Why Behavior Change Is Hard

The reason these changes are hard to make is that they involve taking risks, lasting commitment, self-confidence, and acquiring new habits. Attitude also plays a major role.

The Economic and Social Research Council investigated 129 different studies of behavior change strategies. Their research confirmed that the least effective strategies were those that aroused fear or regret in the person attempting to make a change. On the contrary, long-lasting change is most likely when it’s self-motivated and rooted in positive thinking.

Some people think they can accomplish goals on their own, but for many others, they need a stronger push than simply willpower alone. A helping hand, like the one a coach provides, can make a difference. Having a person that provides support, guidance and encouragement is critical.

That extra push is what Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors can provide.

What is the Distributor Difference?

Each person’s goals are unique, which is why many people benefit from a personalized approach to nutrition. Our distributors act as coaches, providing support, motivation, and accountability.

This one-to-one, high-touch experience is what we refer to as our “distributor difference” – it’s what differentiates Herbalife Nutrition from other nutrition companies. We’re more than just a product on a shelf – the value our distributors provide can be described in two primary ways:

  1. Coaches – Customers who are looking to achieve goals related to wellness, fitness, and achieving a healthy weight can benefit from the 1:1 coaching a distributor provides. They guide their clients on good nutrition, meal planning, and healthier lifestyle choices.
  2. Mentors – Customers who have made the decision to sell products on a part-time or full-time basis benefit from the knowledge, experience, and business mentorship an experienced distributor provides.

Training and support are provided by our Herbalife Nutrition experts in areas of general nutrition, fitness, and sports nutrition, to ensure that our distributors make tailored recommendations according to the need of each customer or new distributor.

How Distributors Change Lives and Communities

Independent distributors around the world are confidence builders and habit shifters. They work in their communities every day, helping individuals live healthier lives and run thriving businesses.

What sets them apart is the transformative power they have in people’s lives. Often, they have their own personal testimony of transformation, of how they achieved inspiring results through quality products, education from our experts, and the help of their own coaches.

Distributors want to share these results with others, coaching people through experience and action, rolling up their sleeves and working side by side with anyone who is committed and ready to change their lives.

And while the face-to-face interaction is important, distributors also communicate via social media. It is a great tool to maintain constant interaction and a resource to build online communities.

By making themselves available to their customers and providing their customers with company materials related to nutrition and fitness, distributors begin to build their business by helping their customers move forward with an actionable plan.

Distributors work to bring out the best in people, whether their goal is physical or financial. The mental transformation and fortitude our distributors coach to others can apply to anything in life – from exercising more regularly to committing to a business plan.