A dream can come in many different shapes and sizes. When I graduated from the University of Central Missouri with my degree in Business Administration and Marketing, I figured I would rise through the ranks of corporate America. I knew that my ambition and drive were going to lead me to success, but the lifestyle I was leading made it difficult to maintain, and I lacked fulfillment. As a single mom of three wonderful boys, I realized how much I valued flexibility and independence.  Here’s how I took my skills, work ethic and commitment to constant development and created my own business and a personal brand to support it.

The game-changer

I knew friends who were Herbalife Nutrition independent distributors, and for years they insisted that I would be a natural fit for the business. I wasn’t sure that path was for me. Then I attended Hispanicize, the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and entrepreneurs. Herbalife Nutrition was a sponsor and I had the chance to get informed. What I learned changed my life forever. The Company’s focus on nutrition and fitness, the fitness focused Herbalife24® brand, and the stories of personal development and transformation made me realize what my friends had been trying to convey for years. Knowledge in hand, I was convinced to give it a try.

I was incredibly grateful for the tools and trainings that Herbalife Nutrition offered to start my business, but I knew I had to make them mine and create my own personal brand through dedication and hard work. So I set my purpose: to be known as the Latina Herbalife Nutrition leader in my community and be the go-to source when it came to fitness and nutrition topics. I committed to make a change and be the change.

Let the world know who you are

Public speaking and networking have been crucial to achieving my goal. I’ve always been a natural communicator, and I love being involved in the community. Discipline has been key, though. I’ve made a point to attend at least three networking events a month related to the Latino community or to wellness. The more you attend, the more people recognize your face and the easier it is to approach them with new opportunities!

Another fundamental aspect is preparation. When I speak in public, I do research, I rehearse, and I educate myself on the details. My two main areas of expertise are wellness and empowerment, and I always ask myself: how can I do more than talk? How can I inspire people to go out and be healthier and happier?

This year, I was invited to speak at the “Latinos Winning in Sports and Fitness” panel at Hispanicize, which is a dream come true. I also won a Tecla Award, a prestigious national honor highlighting the achievements of top Latinx and multicultural content creators. I see this as the fruits of working on my personal brand–a courageous Latina who empowers women through inner and outer transformations.

The voice of experience

For anyone who is attempting to start their own business, my advice is this: follow your heart, take calculated risks and have fun! Don’t let anyone say you can’t do something. Break those barriers and negative thoughts through effort and achievement. Once you believe in yourself, you are unstoppable.